For Ukraine much more dangerous than 50 Russian tanks

There are many ways to work against Ukraine’s sovereignty – the following is the “smart ass” approach…

Simon Gerber, February 13th, 2015

Western academic brain wash in the interest of Putin, masked on its home page and avatar by the flag of Ukraine, “blue-yellow” and using the label “pro Ukraine”

 Why >>>>@UADigest<<<<   is a Putin troll account

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Ukraine, a sovereign state, but only to the level Putin likes it

The arguments in a few quotes from that site:

  • It’s just a fact, nobody can stop Putin
  • Because nobody can stop him one needs to compromise
  • Welcome to the world of “realpolitik”
  • In Bosnia there was at the time also a need to face the facts and sign the Dayton treaty (Dayton treaty: contractually defined mutilation of Bosnia Herzegovina, which legalized the land grab of the war criminals Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic, hereby rewarding the war criminals and defining the architecture of the state Bosnia-Herzegovina in a way, that has left this country to be a highly dysfunctional state even 20 years after the end of that war. There exist plenty of reports of international organizations detailing these facts)

Ukraine must let itself be amputated for the sake of peace – amputated as much as Putin deems necessary. And because Putin is powerful, there is nothing we can do about this, besides – for our own (from a Western viewpoint) safety – look for the best possible compromise.

That is also the exact line of thinking of a certain Prof. Gerhard Mangott. He – armed with his academic background and title – lets us know, that “one has to face the factual borders”.

And it is definitely no coincidence, that the troll account @UADigest bases its judgment on this professor, hereby enabling that his political statements, which are hostile towards Ukraine, find a broader audience. It is no coincidence that @UADigest praises Prof. Mangott highly as “expert in this matter” and supports him.

Who is Prof. Gerhard Mangott? (“Known from radio and TV….”)

Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-13 um 10.34.00

German radio interview with Prof. Mangott, spreading his “academic” pro Putin propaganda, tweeted by @UADigest and praised highly as “worth listening to, unexcited and competent”:

Short biography of Prof. Gerhard Mangott:

Prof. Gerhard Mangott lectures at the Institute for Political Sciences at the University of Innsbruck. His main research areas are international politics and comparing different political systems – currently of Ukraine and Russia including ensuring energy availability in the sector of fossil fuels. He acts as “scientific advisor on Post Soviet affairs” for the Austrian Institute of international politics in Vienna. His publications include: “the Russian Phoenix”, heritage from the ashes. Kreymar & Scheriau, Vienna 2009.

A list of Prof. Mangott’s impressive presence in western medias specifically in connection to Russia/Ukraine:

I personally (Simon Gerber) have come across Prof. Mangott, when he started using terms line “accept factual borders…”

Well protected under their academic camouflage, such people keep repeating on all stages (which are often gladly offered to them) their mental brainwash, like prayer wheels, hereby contributing to and using all traits of Putin’s Hybrid warfare.

>>> Putin seems to have the power of God, not even established and well recognized Professors can envisage how to stop him…

During the war with its war crimes in Bosnia exactly the same pattern of praising “realpolitik” was used over and over and this during years one could have well used to prevent what we know today as one of the worst war crimes since WW2: e.g. Srebrenica with its genocide on the Bosnians with 10’000 civilians murdered inside a UN protected area within 3 days.

In 2015, 20 years later, the people responsible are still not sentenced and the trials in de Hague progress very slowly.

Ukraine is a sovereign state. Who supports or spreads opinions like the ones of troll @UADigest or Prof. Gerhard Mangott:

  • prepares the mental ground in Europe to be receptive for Putin’s “Mantra”, this is:
  • „Ukraine is only so far a sovereign country as it suits Putin and so far he permit it so, and there is not one possibility, to stop the grate omnipotent god Putin,  and take that you naive stupid person!“   

Such academics never (want to) think outside their box, e.g. considering that there would very well be means to bring Putin to his knees within 3 days by excluding Russia from SWIFT. This is my benchmark.
Other academics, e.g. Prof. Andreas Umland as a positive example supporting Ukraine, are clearly suggesting to exclude Russia from SWIFT as a next step.

Looking more closely at the tweets of @UADigest I must admit that he disguises his real objectives very well and one can only find his real intentions when digging deep, as I did above.

But, if you are still not convinced, just have a look at the tweet referencing Augstein’s comments in Spiegel Online: Minsk: Jakob Augstein über Merkels Niederlage in der Ukraine-Krise – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Here @UADigest praises openly and highly this anti-Ukrainian comment of the notorious Pro Putin man Augstein. So he discloses his true intentions.


The analysis of the Twitter account “@UADigest” leads to the following conclusions:

  • under the pretext of academic views this contributes to weaken Ukraine in a subtly destructive and dangerous manner
  • I consider the danger for Ukraine and its sovereignty through such channels and social networks as many times more dangerous for Ukraine than 50 Russian tanks on Ukraine ground
  • The question, why such people get such a broad audience as “Russia experts” in Western media, who invites them, who recommends them – who is behind this must be dealt with as a matter of urgency

Author: Simon Gerber, February 13th, 2015

Translation: Marc Lindt

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