#StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension

#StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension participate and use the powerful tool against Kremlin propaganda

#BanderaKaratel – remember this Twitter hashtag? Did you even use it yourself and added it to Twitter accounts, which obviously spread Kremlin propaganda, used to mark these accounts?

If so, then you have actively contributed to the creation of the database on which Twitter accounts are listed, which spread Kremlin propaganda – in the course of the last few years the number of accounts listed has steadily increased, in the meantime 331000 accounts have been listed and there are more and more – at the beginning there was the hashtag #BanderaKaratel. The results collected from it, have been transformed by Ukrainian volunteers with tireless work into a database. This database is now the basis of the newly developed extension for the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox. The defence against Russian manipulation on Twitter was thus brought to a new functional level.

Appellation: Please report Twitter accounts that obviously spread Russian propaganda

if you are watching Twitter accounts that are obviously spreading Russian propaganda, you can sign up on the database, log in and easily submit a message. The moderation team then checks the account according to clearly defined criteria and lists the account if it turns out that the account actually spreads Russian propaganda.

In the comment field it is desired to insert links to tweets proving the distribution of Russian propaganda.

A Ukrainian team of volunteers and developers have now developed an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox browser, which once downloaded and integrated in the browser, will compare all Twitter accounts on your computer’s screen with the database described above in a lightning-fast process. All accounts already listed on the database are highlighted visually, marked in red and crossed out with a red line. (You can set the color to any color.

For example, if I want to investigate an account as a journalist or researcher to see how far it spreads Russian propaganda or interacts with Twitter accounts that spread Russian propaganda, I have a very efficient tool at my disposal.


Twitter Account of Markus M. Müller >>>

Reviewing the Twittertimeline of Markus M. Müller’s Twitter account with the help of the Google Chrome Extension (there is a version for Firefox)

We recommend the use of this free browser extension #StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension for all those who do not want to be led around by Russian propaganda – but especially for all journalists, researchers who deliberately deal with the topic of Russian propaganda.

Click here for a functional description and download links, just click on the following picture:


The NGO Schweiz Ukraine (swissukraine. org) has supported the development of the extension from an existing donation fund.

But the big work was done by volunteers in Ukraine.

Simon Gerber, President of swissukraine.org



#StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension

#StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension partizipiere und benütze das starke Tool gegen Kreml-Propaganda

#BanderaKaratel – erinnerst Du Dich an diesen Twitter-Hashtag? Hast Du ihn vielleicht sogar selber benutzt und zu Twitter Accounts hinzugefügt, die offensichtlich Kreml-Propaganda verbreiteten, benutzt um diese Accounts zu markieren?

Falls ja, dann hast Du aktiv etwas dazu mitgetragen zum Entstehen der Datenbank, auf der Twitter Accounts gelistet sind, die Kreml-Propaganda verbreiten – im Laufe der letzten Jahre ist die Zahl der gelisteten Accounts ständig gestiegen, inzwischen sind 331000 Accounts gelistet und es werden mehr und mehr – zu Beginn stand der Hashtag #BanderaKarateldann haben ukrainische Freiwillige eine unermüdliche Arbeit geleistet, die sie jetzt mit der neu entwickelten Extension für die Browser Google Chrome und Firefox auf eine neue Ebene der Funktionalität in der Abwehr von russischer Beeinflussung auf Twitter geführt haben.

Aufruf: Bitte melde Twitter Accounts, die offentsichtlich russische Propaganda verbreiten

falls Du Twitter Accounts beobachtest, die offensichtlich russische Propaganda verbreiten, kannst Du Dich auf der Datenbank anmelden, einloggen und ganz einfach eine Meldung machen. Das Moderations-Team überprüft dann den Account nach klar definierten Kriterien und listet den Account, wenn sich erweisen sollte, dass der Account tatsächlich Russische Propaganda verbreitet.

Im Kommentarfeld ist erwünscht, Links zu Tweets einzufügen, die die Verbreitung von russischer Propaganda beweisen.


Ein ukrainisches Team von Freiwilligen und Entwicklern hat nun zuerst für den Browser Google Chrom und Firefox eine Extension entwickelt, die sobald heruntergeladen und im Browser integriert, alle Twitter-Accounts, die auf Deinem Bildschirm Deins Computers in einem blitzschnellen Prozess mit der oben beschriebenen Datenbank vergleicht. Alle auf der Datenbank bereits gelisteten Accounts werden visuell hervorgehoben, rot markiert und mit einer roten Linie durchgestrichen. (Man kann die Farbe auf eine x-beliebige Farbe einstellen.

Wenn ich nun z.B. als Journalist oder Researcher einen Account daraufhin untersuchen möchte, in wie weit er Russische Propaganda verbreitet bzw. mit Twitter Accounts interagiert, die Russische Propaganda verbreiten, so steht mir damit ein sehr effizientes Tool zur Verfügung.


Twitter Account von Markus M. Müller >>>

Durchsicht der Twittertimeline des Twitter Account von Markus M. Müller mit Hilfe der Google Chrome Extension (gibts auch für Firefox)

Wir empfehlen die Nutzung dieser frei zur Verfügung stehenden Browser Extension #StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension für alle, die sich nicht von russischer Propaganda an der Nase herumführen lassen möchten – insbesondere aber auch allen Journalisten, Researchern, die sich bewusst mit dem Thema russische Propaganda auseinandersetzen.

Hier zur Funktionsbeschreibung und zu den Download-links, einfach auf das folgende Bild klicken:


Die NGO Schweiz Ukraine (swissukraine.org) hat die Entwicklung der Extension aus einem bestehenden Spendenfonds mit-unterstützt.

Die grosse Arbeit wurde aber von Freiwilligen in der Ukraine geleistet.

Simon Gerber, Präsident swissukraine.org





Twitter account „Mark Brown“ is a stupid machine … How to expose a #Putin-Hybrid- #Twitter-Troll – an example



The contents of the box are not necessarily what is the declared description on the front site

mark brown @mark24823687

If a twitter account declares:

„Helping the free world counter Putins propaganda“

you can perhaps make the experience, if you overthink, how this twitter account is acting – inside the box is not somebody who is fighting against Putin-Propaganda, no, actually its double twisted Putin-Propaganda in its most possible pure form:

Here we have an advanced double-twisted Putin-Troll-Accunt.

If you can see this curious numbers behind a name:

This is the "mark" of a typical double twisted Putin-Troll: @mark24823687

This is the „mark“ of a typical double twisted Putin-Troll: @mark24823687

there should grow a red alarm light!

If you check the statistic of the account and you find a gigantic amount of tweets, the acoustic alarm also should be heard:

If you have a header-picture typically for an account that should provoke the imagine of a pro Ukraine account – connected with – for a double twisted Putin troll typically – attributes described above (a gigantic amount of tweets – 154 Tsd. since 2 years – combined with the typically attribute of a series of numbers behind the name), you should investigate the activities of this account carefully. You will find earlier or later huge discrepancies.

But you act the clear opposite way when you are paring with Putin-allies. So, in my view, what you officially declare, is one thing. But I measure you on how you act.

Simon Gerber, President of swissukraine.org, June 29, 2016



Chapter 1 – first oddity

This morning (June 29. 2016) , only a few days after Brexit, „@mark24823687“ re-tweetet this:

additional a screenshot of the tweet, in case the account would be shut down – what we expect will happen after this publication and through your help and accordingly also your information to @twitter and @support – or in case the tweet would be deleted:

Aggressive Tweet against Scottish First minister Nicola Sturgeon

Aggressive Tweet against Scottish First minister Nicola Sturgeon


Question Nr. 1, „answer Nr. 1 by @mark24823687 and Question Nr. 2:

First question, first "answer" by @mark24823687

First question, first „answer“ by @mark24823687

After the second, more inconvenient question, no answer by „@mark24823687“.

Question Nr. 3 and no more answer by@mark24823687

unanswered questions towards @mark24823687

unanswered questions towards @mark24823687



You can dig deeper in to it if you will find more proofs:

Scroll through the timeline of @mark24823687 and you will find 99 % of his gigantic amount of tweets is nothing than retweets.

In a next step, take a micro chronometer and check the determining algorithm for this  24h / per 7 days a week machine-publication of retweets.

If you would investigate the language of this person, who is running this „machine-accounts“ and is writing something like an answer on my question – linguistically you find more discrepancies – he claims he is halve English halve Scotch, but his language is not doubt not from a person who is from Grate Britain.

I blocked this double twisted Putin-Troll: >>https://twitter.com/mark24823687<&lt;

Final conclusion, based on the analysis of the following Twitter-account:



Russian defense ministry, conducting und control all this „Putin-Troll-Infrastructure“ (investigated and described by many reports) is now not only targeting the unity of the EU, or of Grate Britain. The double twisted strategy against the courageous leader and first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, investigated, documented and described at the example of the Putin-Troll-Twitter-Account https://twitter.com/mark24823687  makes clear:

On the top-target list of the Russian defense ministry and its double twisted Putin-Trolls is also the unity of Scotland and its most popular an most powerful representative and leader, Nicola Sturgeon.

President of swissukraine.org, Simon Gerber  June 29. 2016

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