SIEMENS – the Kremlin’s deadly lever against the foundations of Europe and humanism

Today we are receiving new reports of gigantic SIEMENS transactions to build up monstrous transport capacities in connection with the Russian Kerch Bridge from Russia to the Crimea occupied by Russia.

The OTEKO Group and the Siemens Company have signed a contract for the automation of the new railway station „Panagia“ worth more than 3 billion rubles.

This was announced by the OTEKO Group in a press release on February 15, 2018. Here is a translation of the original Russian into English: The OTECO Group of Companies (OTEKO Group of Companies) and Siemens …

Did the bosses of SIEMENS and their „mother’s womb“ SPD not realize what the Russian occupiers in Crimea are doing about human rights massacres? Have they never read about the now over 10,000 dead of the Russian war against Ukraine? Have you overlooked the fact that Russia’s bloody war against Ukraine has already displaced more than 1 1/2 million people?

Bela Anda, an old warship of SPD, always close to Gerhard Schroeder – here also with SIEMENS-CEO Kaeser

Bela Anda, an old warship of SPD, always close to Gerhard Schroeder – here also with SIEMENS-CEO Kaeser

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Situation of human rights in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)

GENEVA (Reuters) – Russia is committing “grave” human rights violations in Crimea, including its imposition of citizenship and by deporting prisoners, a U.N. human rights report said on Monday.

“Grave human rights violations, such as arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment and torture, and at least one extra-judicial execution were documented,” the report said.

With its compliant instrument SIEMENS, the Kremlin is waging a powerful war against Europe.

  • SIEMENS and its short-sighted and money-hungry managers betray the principles of our modern humanist society.
  • SIEMENS reveals the values of the founding fathers, what they have achieved with engineering and innovation, hurl them into the dirt for a bag of blood smeared rubles.
  • SIEMENS becomes the Kremlin’s lethal lever against human rights.
  • With SIEMENS, the Kremlin undermines the foundation of European stability, international law.
  • And with SIEMENS und the outstanding support of the German SPD, the Kremlin leads the primacy of German politics over economics ad absurdum.

SIEMENS has already supplied powerful turbines for Russian power plants in Crimea – all attempts by SIEMENS to cover up this problem or to depict it as an „accident“ have been exposed.


The Ukrainian @RutheniaRus on Twitter rightly points out that SIEMENS directly supports the Russian occupying power in Crimea through its turbines.

The industrialized, technical and automated handling of cargo handling from Russia via the Kerch Bridge newly built by Russia, which will only be possible with SIEMENS technology, will of course also directly support the Russian occupation army of the Crimea. With this new mega deal, SIEMENS is increasingly becoming a willing partner of the Kremlin and the Russian Armed Forces, which commits a series of crimes.

Appeals to the common sense of Russia from Germany are a mockery in the face of such economic entanglements, which are used by the Kremlin as a weapon against Europe and its values.

SIEMENS is out of control.

Founder of Siemens – what would he say?

Founder of Siemens – what would he say?

It is now up to European and German politicians to adapt the trade laws to this reality.

Trade with a country that violates all forms of the law, such as Russia, must be effectively prevented by law.

If Germany does not act swiftly now and tightens its laws with the aim that companies like SIEMENS can be brought under control again, this country runs the risk of becoming the target of international sanctions itself.

We also call for: Russia must be included on this list:


Link to the German Version

Dutch UN peacekeepers watch Bosnian Muslims who have fled Srebrenica arrive at Potocari village, some 5km away. Photograph: Associated Press

Note to the verdict against mass Killer General Mladic and teaching ignorance in western society

I am talking as a Swiss citizen from the perspective of a inhabitant of Europe in 2017:

A note to the verdict against mass Killer General Mladic – the Genocide of Srebrenica in summer 1995 with more than 8000 killed civilians in a few days –

Why is this not in a central spotlight of interest in our western society? Why for example most of western TV station don’t transmit directly from the court? Why most western politicians are silent about?

The Serb General Mladic is the worst war criminal in Europa since the crimes of Hitlers Killers in WW2 – why our society and its leaders on all sectors are not interested to confront spiritually, mentally and intellectual with the largest crime against humanity in Europe since the WW2?

1. reminder: The Genocide of Srebrenica happened under the eyes of alle western leaders – it was not secretly done – there was satellite intelligence and people on place, who recorded live.

2. Reminder: The Genocide of Srebrenica was not destiny like an avalanche – UN had enough tanks and firepower on place to stopp and avoid the Serbian killing machine. But the decision process inside UN was blocked by particular nations!

The structural fatal problems of our UN-Organization exposed dramatically in the Genocide of Srebrenica 22 years ago, still system immanent in UN: Lesson not learned from Srebrenica! Horror  crimes against humanity will be repeated again and again!

This UN-Problem exposed through Genocide of Srebrenica an endless crimes against humanity in Syria and Crimea can be solved very easy. Exclude any stakeholder involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity & international law from any UN-decision process.

I asked my children who are in one of the best school in Switzerland – „did any of your teacher spoke to you and your class about the genocide of Srebrenica and the verdict against General Mladic, who is the worst War-Criminal in Europe since the Nazis?“

The answer of my children is: „No, no one in our school spoke with us about that“!

Both of our children on November 23. 2017, when the worst war criminal in Europe since WW2, General Mladic was sentenced for life, in Swiss School had a normal school day and not one single word was said about

Instead our Children were taught on this historical day in:

German, English, French, Italian, Chemistry, History, Physics, Geography, Sports, Artistic design

I am not optimistic for a society who is teaching its children and citizens ignorance towards worst war crimes against civilians, against humanity and international law.

After WW2 or further back after the 30 Years‘ War 1618 – 1648 in Europe – there was not this ignorance like today – the fundaments of our international law and human rights was written – we must be more carefully for these fundaments of our civilisation!


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Lets imagine

  • western governments, (including Switzerland) would be fully aware of what is going on on the stage of geopolitics,
  • would adequately evaluate the deformation process of the whole Russian society, which is in a high degree similar to the nazification-process of Germany before WW ll,
  • would fully aware see and understand how Russia with its occupation and Hybrid War against Ukraine with more than 10 000 killed people, is violating main international law,
  • would catch the dimension of Russian mass murder in Syria,
  • would recognize the ongoing bullying by Russia of several nations around the globe with its nuclear weapons, air force, ships and submarines,
  • would understand, how Russia is driving a Hybrid War and decomposition against Europe, certain European countries, and against USA
  • would be carefully watching how Russia is expanding its sphere of influence with the tools of its Hybrid Warfare, in USA, in western countries, using money and any form of economics,

Lets imagine, western governments would act in solidarity with Ukraine, Syria and the baltic states, also in their own interest, and would absolutely decisively defend the main basic of our western civilization and law and order, the international law

  1. western governments would close all Russian Embassy and Russian diplomatic agencies
  2. western governments would exclude Russia from the international payment system SWIFT, in few days the Russian finance system would collapse
  3. western governments would block all Russian property and assets
  4. Russia would be excluded from any decision process in all UN-chambers

until Russia would fully withdraw its soldiers, its weapons, its ammunition from the whole territory of Eastern Ukraine


until Russia would withdraw its gigantic military power from occupied Ukrainian Crimea and would end its criminal occupation of Crimea


until every single damage caused by Russia and its Hybrid Army in Ukraine, is fully compensated , including all the victims, the families,

the restrictions against Russia would be held up firmly by the whole community of western countries –

yes, the criminal, monstrously dictatorship in the Kremlin Russia can be stopped – no doubt –

its in our hands, the time window to act is still open, but, we all know, the clock is ticking.

NGO, Simon Gerber



#EUROMAIDAN History in the making a selection of its pictures

We stand firmly and close with the sovereign #Ukraine and its people


Together with our friends and colleagues – we fight proudly for basic rights, for international law – the foundation of our civilization – we as citizens of little Switzerland with its strength, neutrality  – without binding international law – everything would be lost –

so we fight resolute for the rights of Nadia Savchenko and all 25 deported Ukrainians to Russia as hostages –

Nadia Savchenko has helped in her function as officer, with every right to defend the sovereignty of the 50 million inhabitants country Ukraine – just as we would defend as Swiss citizens our country against attacks – just as we would protect our house against burglars –

Russia has no legal claims inside the sovereign Ukraine. Who covers its neighbor with a war and deported its citizens – is breaking international law.

We stand firmly and close to the sovereign Ukraine.

#EUROMAIDAN History in the making a selection of its pictures

#EUROMAIDAN History in the making a selection of its pictures

FlüchtlingsproduktionGmbH by marian kamensky

#international-law and order & #humanRights, against terror and crime

A clear position for international law and order, for human rights and against terror and crime – even if we have to deal with a terror organization like Putin’s Russia that is under control of one of the most powerful nuclear weapon arsenal, also in a noisy way threatening the whole world – to act powerful against such a never seen terror system – its not a question of war or not. Its a question of

  • stopping business as usual with Putin’s Russia

  • abandoning Putin’s Russia immediately from SWIFT

  • exclude Putin’s Russia from the privilege of a UNSC-Membership

With this bundle of measures within days Putin’s terror-game is stopped without a single shot by a gun or by artillery! The question is:

  • are western leaders and representatives of a world, based on human rights, on international law, able to analyze this, find the necessary common decision or are they already in fact a part of Putin’s terror system – unable to think clearly, because brainwashed and under the impact of the arsenal of an old small KGB-agent and now president of a nuclear terror organization – actively working with KGB-brain-influence tactics –
  • where are we standing now?

Refugees normally are not falling from the sky to the earth like snow –

one of a main human characteristic is the ability to understand context – but most people, most western government are already so much broken into pieces – they can’t see Putin’s and Assad’s crime and terror as the main cause of what is their main issue of the day in western countries now – refugees – and because they are so much broken they are not able to act and stop this ingoing murder – why did they not hear the warnings, coming from Ukraine, from Syria – why did they not heare the cry for help from people in these countries – why did they not stop criminals like Putin and Assad before it will be too late ? The time window for an adequate action is not endless open. Once it will be definitely too late.

FlüchtlingsproduktionGmbH by marian kamensky

FlüchtlingsproduktionGmbH by marian kamensky

Thomas D. Grant : Aggression against Ukraine: Territory, Responsibility, and International Law

Tom Grant – Aggression against Ukraine: Territory, Responsibility, and International Law

via Tom Grant – Ukraine.

Timothy Snyder, Bird White Housum Professor of History, Yale University, USA, says about this publication:

“This is an extremely welcomed guide, historically grounded and convincingly reasoned, to a turning point in international relations and international law.“

Thomas D. Grant : Aggression against Ukraine: Territory, Responsibility, and International Law

Thomas D. Grant : Aggression against Ukraine: Territory, Responsibility, and International Law


Aggression against Ukraine marks a stunning shift. Ever since 1945 it had been understood that the borders of States must not be the object of forcible change by other States. However, Russia has now revived long-buried historical claims—and prosecutes them by dint of arms. The annexation of Crimea in March 2014 and the subsequent armed incursions in eastern Ukraine under color of separatist movements in Donetsk and Luhansk challenge not just one State’s territorial integrity, but jeopardize the general settlement on which international law for almost three generations has rested. This is the settlement which enabled human rights and modern institutions of international law to flourish. Russia’s domestic rejection of human rights and its new geopolitics of territorial seizure in this light should be seen not in isolation but as connected developments—and as a challenge to international law and global public order at large.


Author: Thomas D. Grant
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Date: June 2015
320 pages
ISBN: 9781137514639
Buy from: [], or []