SIEMENS – the Kremlin’s deadly lever against the foundations of Europe and humanism

Today we are receiving new reports of gigantic SIEMENS transactions to build up monstrous transport capacities in connection with the Russian Kerch Bridge from Russia to the Crimea occupied by Russia.

The OTEKO Group and the Siemens Company have signed a contract for the automation of the new railway station „Panagia“ worth more than 3 billion rubles.

This was announced by the OTEKO Group in a press release on February 15, 2018. Here is a translation of the original Russian into English: The OTECO Group of Companies (OTEKO Group of Companies) and Siemens …

Did the bosses of SIEMENS and their „mother’s womb“ SPD not realize what the Russian occupiers in Crimea are doing about human rights massacres? Have they never read about the now over 10,000 dead of the Russian war against Ukraine? Have you overlooked the fact that Russia’s bloody war against Ukraine has already displaced more than 1 1/2 million people?

Bela Anda, an old warship of SPD, always close to Gerhard Schroeder – here also with SIEMENS-CEO Kaeser

Bela Anda, an old warship of SPD, always close to Gerhard Schroeder – here also with SIEMENS-CEO Kaeser

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Situation of human rights in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)

GENEVA (Reuters) – Russia is committing “grave” human rights violations in Crimea, including its imposition of citizenship and by deporting prisoners, a U.N. human rights report said on Monday.

“Grave human rights violations, such as arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment and torture, and at least one extra-judicial execution were documented,” the report said.

With its compliant instrument SIEMENS, the Kremlin is waging a powerful war against Europe.

  • SIEMENS and its short-sighted and money-hungry managers betray the principles of our modern humanist society.
  • SIEMENS reveals the values of the founding fathers, what they have achieved with engineering and innovation, hurl them into the dirt for a bag of blood smeared rubles.
  • SIEMENS becomes the Kremlin’s lethal lever against human rights.
  • With SIEMENS, the Kremlin undermines the foundation of European stability, international law.
  • And with SIEMENS und the outstanding support of the German SPD, the Kremlin leads the primacy of German politics over economics ad absurdum.

SIEMENS has already supplied powerful turbines for Russian power plants in Crimea – all attempts by SIEMENS to cover up this problem or to depict it as an „accident“ have been exposed.


The Ukrainian @RutheniaRus on Twitter rightly points out that SIEMENS directly supports the Russian occupying power in Crimea through its turbines.

The industrialized, technical and automated handling of cargo handling from Russia via the Kerch Bridge newly built by Russia, which will only be possible with SIEMENS technology, will of course also directly support the Russian occupation army of the Crimea. With this new mega deal, SIEMENS is increasingly becoming a willing partner of the Kremlin and the Russian Armed Forces, which commits a series of crimes.

Appeals to the common sense of Russia from Germany are a mockery in the face of such economic entanglements, which are used by the Kremlin as a weapon against Europe and its values.

SIEMENS is out of control.

Founder of Siemens – what would he say?

Founder of Siemens – what would he say?

It is now up to European and German politicians to adapt the trade laws to this reality.

Trade with a country that violates all forms of the law, such as Russia, must be effectively prevented by law.

If Germany does not act swiftly now and tightens its laws with the aim that companies like SIEMENS can be brought under control again, this country runs the risk of becoming the target of international sanctions itself.

We also call for: Russia must be included on this list:


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„Friendship with Russia“ – thats how the war against Ukraine starts, wiht Russian propaganda…

Text by @Prizrak_opery


The war in Ukraine began with the creation of „societies for friendship with Russia“. Here, look. It also happened in Ukraine before the war. With Russian money, a whole network of organizations of „friendship with the Russians“ was created throughout Ukraine. In every town. Including (especially) the now occupied Ukrainian Crimea. Here is a list of organizations build by Russia or Russian citizen:

The orientation of these organizations was diverse and varied.“The study of the Russian language,“ „The study of Russian culture,“ „Cultural exchange with the Russians,“ „Research is not important, but Russian,“ etc. The structure of these programs was designed in such a way that participants were dragged into the fields of Russian propaganda without noticing it themselves.

In those cities, which included armed groups of Russian terrorists (Lugansk, Donetsk, Slavyansk, Odessa), the members of these organizations where transformed to the so-called „militia“. (In Odessa they could not spread and the inhabitants of Odessa were able to defend their city. ). It was the members of these organizations that created the fiction that the terrorists were supported by the local population. Those were the ones to whom the weapons were distributed. Automatic weapons and pistols were distributed to them freely, simply against receipt. It was members of these organizations, along with Russian terrorists, seizing police stations and security services buildings. It was the members of these „Societies of Friendship with Russia“who spoke to the television cameras of the world media and created the fiction that the Russians were supported by the local population. In this way, the Russians disguised the armed invasion as an alleged „civil war“ in Ukraine.

Later, when members of these organizations were killed (few of them survived), mercenaries from Russia and part of the regular army from Russia began to invade cities under the guise of these militias.

Under the pretext of protecting the Russian-speaking population, Russia began to introduce part of the regular army and heavy weapons into the occupied territories. The murder of passengers of MH17 flight was the result of this aggression.

The Russians knew perfectly well that they were firing at a civilian plane. They wanted to shoot down a Russian civilian plane. What would be the occasion to legalize the concealed armed invasion. But a chain of accidents led to the destruction of another civilian aircraft, MH17.

Later, the so-called „humanitarian convoys“ appeared in the form of white kamazes. Which supplied militants with weapons. And they exported the equipment of the plundered Ukrainian plants to Russia. They exported everything that can be cut into metal. They exported to Russia everything that could be stolen in the occupied territories.

But it all started with Russian propaganda in Ukraine. It all began with the creation of a large number of supposedly „public organizations“ of „friendship with Russia.“ Which are very similar to the current German fund „ZOiS“ or IOS and for example ist project „Corridors“.

Such organizations were established in every city. They (as well as ZOiS) actively involved young people in their ranks. They organized all sorts of meetings and pseudo-scientific „forums of friendship.“ They published many propaganda materials and brochures. Agitating „for friendship with Russia.“

Young people wanted to get easy Russian money. They agreed to participate in meetings and „scientific“ conferences. But reality all this was far from peaceful. They brought grief, war and death to Ukraine. They prepeared the arrival of Russians in Ukraine.

With this the war began in Ukraine. The war began with Russian propaganda.

The war has already claimed more than 10,000 lives. Now people are dying in Ukraine every day.


Version in German:

Version in Ukrainian Language:

Version in Russian language:

Text by @Prizrak_opery

Matrjochka Schule in Zürich steht unter dem Label der UNESCO

Abuse of children for political purposes – Matryochka in Zurich, with the UNESCO label

As a „report“ of the Central Body of the Russian Hybrid War RT (Russia Today) dated September 4,2009.2017 – 06:15 a. m., the Matryochka School operating in Zurich is involved in the abuse of children for political purposes – (illegal entry via Moscow to Crimea) Interesting will be what UNESCO will say about this circumstance, because the school leads on its homepage the UNESCO logo.

The Swiss-Ukraine Association (Swissukraine. org) points this out: The illegal entry into Crimea annexed by Russia in 2014 is „a crime with serious legal consequences“, according to Ukrainian ambassador Andrei Melnyk.

For example, the German techno-titan H. P. Baxxter (Scooter) and his band, who also illegally entered the Crimea via Russia, are facing criminal proceedings and face a sentence of up to 8 years imprisonment.

The EU and Switzerland do not recognise the forcible occupation of the Crimea by Russia in 2014.

The Swiss Government, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) is therefore also very clear about this:

Crimean peninsula:

From Switzerland’s point of view, the Crimea continues to belong to Ukraine under international law, even though it has been effectively controlled by Russia since mid-March 2014. Due to the current situation, the Swiss embassy in Kyiv cannot grant consular protection in Crimea. The further development of the situation is uncertain. Travel to the Crimean peninsula is not recommended.

Reise Hinweise Schweizer Regierung zur Krim

Travel tips Swiss government to Crimea Travel tips Swiss government to Crimea



The intention of this project seems clear: under the hypocritical cloak of „international understanding“ and „child recovery“ education, etc., politically blatant attempts are being made to disrupt the EU’s non-recognition of the forcible occupation of Crimea by Russia in 2014.

In its architecture and design, this „children’s crimea-journey“ could have come from the Kremlin’s textbook on the art of decomposition. The violent occupation of Crimea by Russia and the serious violation of international law are to be rendered invulnerable by such „child-faced“ actions and measures.

Russia abuses children for political purposes Russia abuses children for political purposes Ten of the young participants came from the Russian afternoon school Matryoshka in Zurich.

Ten of the young participants came from the Russian afternoon school Matryoshka in Zurich. The stay in Artek was free for the children from Switzerland and Germany. However, the parents had to pay for the plane tickets. The children from Switzerland and Germany arrived in Crimea by plane via Moscow.


Russland missbraucht Kinder zu politischen Zwecken

Russland missbraucht Kinder zu politischen Zwecken


The children from Switzerland and Germany arrived in Crimea by plane via Moscow.

Matrjochka Schule in Zürich steht unter dem Label der UNESCO

Matrjochka Schule in Zürich steht unter dem Label der UNESCO

Putins Little Green Men

The west is able to stop #Putin – but the clock is ticking



Lets imagine

  • western governments, (including Switzerland) would be fully aware of what is going on on the stage of geopolitics,
  • would adequately evaluate the deformation process of the whole Russian society, which is in a high degree similar to the nazification-process of Germany before WW ll,
  • would fully aware see and understand how Russia with its occupation and Hybrid War against Ukraine with more than 10 000 killed people, is violating main international law,
  • would catch the dimension of Russian mass murder in Syria,
  • would recognize the ongoing bullying by Russia of several nations around the globe with its nuclear weapons, air force, ships and submarines,
  • would understand, how Russia is driving a Hybrid War and decomposition against Europe, certain European countries, and against USA
  • would be carefully watching how Russia is expanding its sphere of influence with the tools of its Hybrid Warfare, in USA, in western countries, using money and any form of economics,

Lets imagine, western governments would act in solidarity with Ukraine, Syria and the baltic states, also in their own interest, and would absolutely decisively defend the main basic of our western civilization and law and order, the international law

  1. western governments would close all Russian Embassy and Russian diplomatic agencies
  2. western governments would exclude Russia from the international payment system SWIFT, in few days the Russian finance system would collapse
  3. western governments would block all Russian property and assets
  4. Russia would be excluded from any decision process in all UN-chambers

until Russia would fully withdraw its soldiers, its weapons, its ammunition from the whole territory of Eastern Ukraine


until Russia would withdraw its gigantic military power from occupied Ukrainian Crimea and would end its criminal occupation of Crimea


until every single damage caused by Russia and its Hybrid Army in Ukraine, is fully compensated , including all the victims, the families,

the restrictions against Russia would be held up firmly by the whole community of western countries –

yes, the criminal, monstrously dictatorship in the Kremlin Russia can be stopped – no doubt –

its in our hands, the time window to act is still open, but, we all know, the clock is ticking.

NGO, Simon Gerber



Naive talk from Obama about Trump

Wishful thinking of Obama produces a world of little green men

Again, we must remember:

Before BUDAPEST MEMORANDUM Ukraine had the world’s third largest nuclear weapons stockpile.

As PDF: nuclear-weapons-and-ukraine-wikipedia

The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine.

Do you know, Obama was strongly involved in the disarming of former Ukraine?

PDF: flashback-senator-obama-pushed-bill-that-helped-destroy-more-than-15000-tons-of-ammunition-40000

Obama, disarming Ukraine

Obama, disarming Ukraine

It was during the presidency of Obama, Russia raped the foundation of our civilization – the international law and gravely the human rights in many many cases – Russia violated the sovereignty of Ukraine, occupied Crimea, occupied east Ukraine with a double twisted but brutal war with thousands of dead and wounded people –

in Syria, how many red lines did we see by Obama against Assad in use of chemical weapons against civilians?

Aleppo 2016

Aleppo 2016

What was the answer from President Obama?

Maybe somebody can explain it to me.

Do you remember what Obama explained us about Trump during the election period in USA in last months?

And now, after – surprise surprise – Trump is the elected next President Obama make a u-turn and is advocating for Trump’s pragmatism?

This is not proof for a lucid mind – it shows in the opposite: Here a man who is entrapped in typically US-society norms shows, how he follows a script of acting designed by the norms of naivety –

Why the hell anybody should be after he is elected (is he really elected?) only because he is elected as the next US president from one day to the next day a better person? This is the same wishful thinking that was provided in the first days of Crimea Occupation two years ago – remember the „little green men?“

Simon Gerber, 15. November 2016


If the monster is not stopped in time – endless talks with #Putin & Co

In Spring 1995, when I was held as a hostage by Karadzic / Mladic’s war criminals for 34 days, he has his  place on the bunk right next to me. He at those time was a 20 year old Russian sniper from Moscow. He told me how he had shot from the hills around Sarajevo as a sniper at civilians in the city of Sarajevo – that was during the siege of Sarajevo – the people were forced to cross the streets because there was in their Houses no water, no electricity, no gas – so if they wanted to survive, they had to go to the street. Over 10,000 civilians have been murdered in Sarajevo. In Hag, several of Mladic’s & Karadzic’s minions has already been condemned for those crimes against humanity and war crimes. We always knew that Russian mercenaries were involved in war crimes on the side of Karadzic / Mladic in Bosnia. To have this Vladimir right next to me on a bunk, day and night – yes, I got to know him well. He has told in detail how he enjoys watching the people on the streets in the enclosed Sarajevo try to get safe from his bullets from the Snjper rifle. He laughed like an idiot while describing his murders. This was in the spring of 1995, just before the Miloseciv-Karadzic-Mladic gang in Srebrenica on the European continent, conducted the largest massacre since the Second World War, the Genocide of Srebrenica, a genocide inside a so called UN-Safety Zone.

u redu za vodu – waiting in the line for water, Sarajevo 1993, Edo Ramadanovic

u redu za vodu – waiting in the line for water, Sarajevo 1993, Edo Ramadanovic

Of course based on this personal experience in 1995 with Karadzic Mladic & Co and the UN-corruption that brought me into the dangerous 34 day hostage,  I learned a lot about politics, geo-politics and this learning is still going on – because the corruption by UN and all involved governments exposed in this particular case still continues more than 20 years later. Thats why I am able to  set the Genocide of Srebrenica in context with Putin & Co.

And so we have not spoken about Chechnya, the Crimea and all the Putin-crimes against Crimean tatars, Georgia, Afghanistan, the Eastern Ukraine, Syria, and especially Alepo.

Monsters that are not stopped in time will leave this:






German version:

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The danger for a next step by #Putins #Russia into #Ukraine is real – is Ukraine prepared ?

The tools, the firepower, the tactic by Putins Russian Hybrid-Army are ready for a crucial next step to occupy a strategic line between Charkiw and Dnipropetrovsk.

Will Ukraine suffer through a next massacre on Ukrainian fighters, enclosed in a trap?

Is there enough Ukrainian firepower to resist a Russian move with massive firepower of an extreme amount of really heavy weapons precisely guided by the newest electronic Russian tool? (Well documented by OSCE SMM, the Ukrainian border authorities and investigated by InfoNapalm)

Position of Russian EloKa-Station „Sintes“

Position of Russian EloKa-Station „Sintes“, see the yellow sticker north of Charkiw. The operational range is 450 Km. It is able to catch any kind of electronic signal in a wide range and is able to generate geolocation target data for any type of Russian aggression.

Distance from the Russian EloKa-Station „Sintes“ to Dnipropetrowsk

Distance from the Russian EloKa-Station „Sintes“ to Dnipropetrowsk

Position of the 47 multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) together with 16 towed howitzers, ten tanks, 74 armoured vehicles and 40 military-type trucks according to OSCE SMM

Position of the 47 multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) together with 16 towed howitzers, ten tanks, 74 armoured vehicles and 40 military-type trucks according to OSCE SMM

A quote from OSCE-Report from 15. August 2016:

In violation of the respective withdrawal lines aerial surveillance imagery available to the SMM revealed the presence of 47 multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) together with 16 towed howitzers, ten tanks, 74 armoured vehicles and 40 military-type trucks in three separate locations in “LPR”-controlled Miusynsk (62km south-west of Luhansk) on 12 August. The SMM also observed an anti-aircraft artillery system (2S6M Tunguska, 220mm) between government-controlled Kalynove (31km north-west of Donetsk) and Ptyche (32km north-west of Donetsk). The SMM saw three towed howitzers (D-20, 152mm) near “DPR”-controlled Kulykove (87km south of Donetsk).

Headline by „Unian“ information agency, published 19.08.2016:

OSCE monitors: 47 multiple launch rocket systems stored in one militant town in Donbas

Hug, head of OSCE-SMM

Hug, head of OSCE-SMM

OSCE monitors: 47 multiple launch rocket systems stored in one militant town in Donbas The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine has spotted 47 multiple launch rocket systems in one town in the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) in Donbas, eastern Ukraine.

Russische EloKa-Station „Sintes“ an der Grenze zum Charkiwer Gebiet der Ukraine

InfoNapalm - Investigation: Russische EloKa-Station „Sintes“ an der Grenze zum Charkiwer Gebiet der Ukraine

InfoNapalm – Investigation: Russische EloKa-Station „Sintes“ an der Grenze zum Charkiwer Gebiet der Ukraine

Am 18. August 2016 veröffentlichte der Grenzdienst der Ukraine ein Foto und die Beschreibung von einem EloKa-System, das auf der russischen Seite gegenüber den ukrainischen Grenzstellen im Charkiwer Gebiet platziert worden ist, in weniger als 2,5 Kilometer Entfernung von der ukrainischen Staatsgrenze. Dabei gibt der Grenzdienst keine vollständige Information über den Typ des Komplexes preis, wie auch keine Angaben zu seiner Zugehörigkeit. Es wurde berichtet, dass mobile Stationen elektronischer Aufklärung, Funkpeilung und elektronischer Kampfführung erst Anfang August dort aufgetaucht sind, zur selben Zeit als auf der temporär okkupierten Krim die bekannten Provokationen stattfanden.

Lets hope, the Ukrainian Army-Command has tactically learned its lesson out of The Battle of Ilovaisk and Debaltseve., 20.August 2016


A British Foreign Secretary who excuses Russia’s invasion of Crimea?

Boris #Johnson, a #British Foreign Secretary who excuses #Russia’s invasion of Crimea?

Original by 14.07.16 | Halya Coynash for „Human Rigths in Ukraine“, the Information website of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

The new UK Prime Minister Theresa May doubtless had her reasons for giving leading Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson a cabinet post.  Making him Foreign Secretary, however, defies any comprehension.  It is especially difficult not to view this as an affront to all those currently facing persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea given his extraordinary attempt to blame Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on the EU.  This was only one of a long list of distortions and lies told to encourage Britons to vote to leave the EU, but it is one which makes the new portfolio a matter of immense concern.

The new UK Prime Minister Theresa May doubtless had her reasons for giving leading Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson a cabinet post.  Making him Foreign Secretary, however, defies any comprehension.  It is especially difficult not to view this as an affront to all those currently facing persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea given his extraordinary attempt to blame Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on the EU.  This was only one of a long list of distortions and lies told to encourage Britons to vote to leave the EU, but it is one which makes the new portfolio a matter of immense concern.

On May 9 this year, during questions and answers after a speech on Europe, it transpired that for Johnson it was not Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea and its military aggression in Eastern Ukraine that had caused “real trouble”, but the EU’s actions.

“If you want an example of EU foreign policymaking on the hoof and the EU’s pretensions to running a defence policy that have caused real trouble, then look at what has happened in Ukraine, ” he told reporters.

Johnson later reacted angrily to what he called ‘smears’, denying that he was an apologist for Russian President Vladimir Putin.  He did not explain what he had meant, and what, in his view, the EU had done to stoke tensions in Ukraine.

It was hardly surprising, therefore, that his words were taken as justifying Russia’s actions.  Johnson was, after all, simply repeating a position first taken by the head of the right-wing UKIP party Nigel Farage in a speech soon after Russia’s invasion of Crimea.  In March 2014, Farage accused the EU of having “blood on its hands” for encouraging the turmoil in Ukraine which had supposedly led to Russia’s annexation of Crimea.  This was recalled days later when he was reported as saying that “Vladimir Putin is the world leader I most admire”

Farage’s view of Putin and his slanted view of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine are shared by France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen, and in fact most far-right parties in Europe (Hungary’s Jobbik, Bulgaria’s Ataka, Poland’s Falanga and many others).  It is their members, including some individuals known for their neo-Nazi views like Luc Michel and Manuel Ochsenreiter, who are regularly invited to act as ‘observers’ rubberstamping Russia’s ‘Crimean referendum’ and ‘elections’ in Donbas.

It was undoubtedly Ukrainians’ support for closer ties to Europe and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s reneging on his pre-election promise to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement that sparked Euromaidan and the end of the Yanukovych regime.  Yanukovych had been heavily backed by Putin, and fled to Russia, together with the cronies directly implicated in the gunning down of peaceful protesters.

None of the reasons later given by Putin to justify the seizure of control by Russian troops of Crimea were substantiated.  Violent deaths, disappearances and arrests of opponents have all come under Russian occupation.  There was no evidence of any such excesses before Feb 27, 2014.

Johnson was likely parroting the line taken by Brexit lobbyists who clearly blamed the EU for somehow encroaching on ‘Russia’s patch’.  The Brexit camp, we learned, “believe that the EU’s eastwards expansion into former Warsaw Pact countries, as well as its attempts to reach economic deals with former Soviet states like Ukraine and Georgia, has provoked Russia into adopting a more aggressive military stance in areas like Crimea.”

In a nutshell, they appeared to be saying, Russia was left no alternative but to invade and annex Ukrainian sovereign territory.

This is essentially the line taken by the Kremlin, and all its friends.

It is also, disturbingly, the line which at least in 2014 was taken by the now Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and appears to be held to this day by his close aide Seumas Milne.  The bogeyman for them is NATO rather than the EU, though their perceived failure to firmly campaign against Brexit has been presented as the main reason for the leadership challenge currently underway.

Britain, together with Russia and the USA, were signatories to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum which guaranteed Ukraine protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity in exchange for giving up one of the largest nuclear arsenals in Europe.  Neither the UK, however, nor other western countries reacted adequately to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The UK has, however, since taken a strong stand in supporting sanctions against Russia, imposed after Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine and the downing by Kremlin-backed militants of the Malaysian MH17 airliner on July 17, 2014.

Britain’s robust position was greatly appreciated, as was its acknowledgement of the grave human rights concerns in Crimea under Russian occupation.

What Johnson thinks appears to depend on the circumstances.  Certainly, in an article from December 2015, while advocating fighting on the same side as Putin and Bashar Assad in Syria, he was at least critical of Putin (though later effusive in his praise of Putin’s bloody Syrian campaign which is believed by human rights NGOs, like Amnesty International, to have sometimes targeted civilians).

It is, however, the Johnson of the Leave campaign whom the UK’s new Prime Minister has seen the need to appoint to a high-ranking post in her government, and his position on Ukraine and Crimea are therefore seriously alarming.

Any blinkered presentation of Russia’s invasion of Crimea and the pseudo-referendum used to justify annexation flies in the face of the facts and begs the question of why Russia needed to bring in all its Eurosceptic friends from the far-right and far-left to act as ‘observers’.

The abductions and disappearances began after annexation and are continuing with the latest victim – Ervin Ibragimov – a prominent Crimean Tatar activist.

The Crimean Tatars, the main indigenous people of Crimea, faced persecution from the outset and this has now escalated with the criminalization of the Mejlis, or Crimean Tatar representative assembly. Three Crimean Tatars, including Akhtem Chiygoz, Deputy Head of the Mejlis, have been in detention for well over a year on surreal charges over the pre-annexation demonstration on Feb 26, 2014, which prevented Russia from carrying out a coup and seizure of power without deploying soldiers.

There are a number of Crimean opponents of annexation in Russian prisons, including renowned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov.  In Crimea, 14 Muslims, almost all Crimean Tatars, have so far been arrested and face huge sentences on totally fabricated charges.  Other Ukrainians, including Mejlis leader Ilmi Umerov and journalist Mykola Semena are facing prison sentences for what Russia labels as “public calls to violate Russian territorial integrity”, otherwise known as recognizing Crimea as Ukrainian and wanting its return to Ukraine.

All of this, and much more, is the direct result not of the EU’s support for Ukraine, but of Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea.

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See the original article by „Human Rigths in Ukraine“, the Information website of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group:

Se the original article as pdf: A British Foreign Secretary who excuses Russia’s invasion of Crimea? :


A British Foreign Secretary who excuses Russia’s invasion of Crimea?

A British Foreign Secretary who excuses Russia’s invasion of Crimea?


Agents of the #Russian World: Proxy Groups in the Contested Neighborhood , by Orysia Lutsevych

Events in Crimea and Donbas have exposed the supportive role of Russian non-state actors in fomenting conflict.


  • Anxious about losing ground to Western influence in the post-Soviet space and the ousting of many pro-Russia elites by popular electoral uprisings, the Kremlin has developed a wide range of proxy groups in support of its foreign policy objectives.
  • This network of pro-Kremlin groups promotes the Russian World (Russkiy Mir), a flexible tool that justifies increasing Russian actions in the post-Soviet space and beyond. Russian groups are particularly active in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova – countries that have declared their intention to integrate with the West.
  • Russia employs a vocabulary of ‘soft power’ to disguise its ‘soft coercion’ efforts aimed at retaining regional supremacy. Russian pseudo-NGOs undermine the social cohesion of neighbouring states through the consolidation of pro-Russian forces and ethno-geopolitics; the denigration of national identities; and the promotion of anti-US, conservative Orthodox and Eurasianist values. They can also establish alternative discourses to confuse decision-making where it is required, and act as destabilizing forces by uniting paramilitary groups and spreading aggressive propaganda.
  • The activities of these proxy groups – combined with the extensive Russian state administrative resources and security apparatus, as well as the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church, proRussian elites, mass culture and the media – could seriously damage political transitions and civil societies in the region. Events in Crimea and Donbas have exposed the supportive role of Russian non-state actors in fomenting conflict.
  • In the medium term, the contest for the ‘hearts and minds’ of citizens will persist, with the scale and outreach of anti-Western groups continuing to testify to the presence of active networks of genuine believers within this new Russian World. However, greater transparency and deeper engagement with citizens as part of independent civil society organizations could bridge opposing views and help counter the challenge of artificial divisions nurtured by the Kremlin-funded non-state actors.

– See more at:





Please attention also on:

Mustafa Dzhemiliev: UN Security Council Speech – March 18, 2016

published also in:

Voices of Ukraine

By Mustafa Dzhemilev
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Speech by the leader of the Crimean Tatars, MP of Ukraine, representative of the President of Ukraine for the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemiliev UN SECURITY COUNCIL MEETING on March 18, 2016

Mustafa Dzhemilev

Mustafa Dzhemilev

“Dear members of the UN Security Council, ladies and gentlemen!

A month ago, it was 2 years since the beginning of the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia’s armed forces. The day before yesterday, March 16th, marked the 2-year anniversary of the so-called “referendum,” which was organized by the Russian authorities to give some “legality” to the Russian Federation’s annexation of this occupied territory.

As of the time of this “referendum,” Russian armed commandos without insignia had already captured almost all of the public institutions in Crimea. All the TV and radio channels were also captured, and their frequencies used to broadcast Russian propaganda. So called “self-defense” gangs roamed the streets, made up of underclass elements [of society] and armed mostly “with sticks.” Those who tried to publicly express a negative view of these events faced unpleasant, even lethal, surprises. For example, Reshat Ahmetov, a 39-year-old father of three, who came out onto the central square of Simferopol carrying a Ukrainian flag and [a banner with] the slogan “Down with the occupation!” He was seized by a detachment of the so-called “Crimean self-defense,” which was headed by the current “prime minister” of Crimea [Sergey] Aksyonov and taken to an undisclosed location. The day before the “referendum,” his dead body, blinded and bearing signs of horrible torture, was found on the outskirts of the city on the other side of Crimea.

We were pleased to see that this time, the international community was not so indulgent with the aggressor’s actions, unlike the Russian attack on and partial occupation of Georgia in August 2008. Few were impressed by the ludicrous and absurd arguments of the aggressor country, claiming that [the annexation] was the will of the inhabitants of Crimea, and that [Russia’s actions] protected them from the savage Ukrainian nationalists. Thus, as we know, on March 27, 2014, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning the illegal “referendum” and the annexation of Crimea, by an overwhelming majority, with only ten small countries voting in favor of the aggressor. But this resolution was ignored by Russia and did nothing to reduce its aggression against Ukraine.

Less than one month later, on April 7, 2014, regular Russian troops, together with militants trained and armed by Russia, began military operations in eastern Ukraine, resulting in the occupation of parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, of a combined area approximately equal to the territory of Crimea.

According to some sources, by May 2015, the number of dead Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, including young children, approached 10 thousand, with thousands more people left disabled for life. About 2 million people have become refugees. The financial damages from the shelling of Ukrainian territory by Russia and their mercenaries in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, is countable in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

I believe that my colleagues from Ukraine will elaborate further on the human rights situation in occupied Crimea. Myself, I would just like to list the most important [human rights issues], mainly checking them against the requirements of the Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949 on the protection of civilians in occupied territory.

A terrorist regime has been established in occupied Crimea, which in many ways resembles the worst years of the Soviet communist regime.

Democratic freedoms that existed on the territory of Crimea since the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence, have been completely eliminated starting from the first days of the Russian occupation.

At all international conferences, Russian authorities are boasting that almost all the inhabitants of Crimea voluntarily received Russian passports and became Russian citizens. In fact, there has never been and still isn’t anything voluntary about it. Those who do not have Russian passports simply cannot exist on the peninsula – they can neither study nor work, nor establish property ownership, nor get medical care. The indigenous peoples of Crimea, who wish to remain in their homeland, in their homes, which they had worked incredibly hard to rebuild after returning from the places of Stalin’s deportation – if they do not wish to receive Russian passports, they are forced to ask their occupiers for the right to reside as nationals of a foreign state. And the occupier’s quota for issuing residence permits is no more than 5 thousand a year.

Article 49 of the Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949 on the protection of civilians clearly prohibits the deportation of the inhabitants of an occupied territory. Even in the first weeks of their occupation, the occupation authorities had already deported the leaders of the indigenous people of Crimea, the Crimean Tatars. The occupiers’ subsequent strategy concerning the indigenous inhabitants of Crimea, is to resort to persecution, iniquity, and humiliations of their dignity and religious feelings, so as to make them leave Crimea of their own accord.

The same article of the Geneva Convention prohibits the occupying power from relocating parts of its own population to the occupied territory. But according to the official data of the occupation authorities in Crimea, no less than 15 thousand people have been brought from Russia. Most of them are officials at various levels. If we add to this no less than 70 thousand Russian troops in Crimea, as well as thousands of ordinary immigrants from Russia, who are receiving land plots for free or on preferential terms, the number of Russian citizens in occupied Crimea is at least one hundred thousand.

Article 51 of the Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits enlisting citizens of the occupied territory into the occupier’s armed forces or even auxiliary forces. In my hands right now, I have dozens of military summons, demanding [that the addressees] report to the military commissariat for enlistment in the Russian Federation’s armed forces, or suffer the penalties under the relevant article of the criminal law. Several dozen young men have already returned to Crimea in zinc coffins, after being sent to war in Syria to support the dictatorial regime of Bashar al-Assad.

In accordance with Article 64 of the 1949 Geneva Convention, the occupied territory shall retain its criminal laws, and the criminal law of the occupier country shall not be applied. In Crimea, Russian law applies exclusively. Mass searches are conducted, on the basis of an article of the law imposing criminal liability for the possession of “banned literature.” In the criminal law of Ukraine, the term “banned literature” does not exist.

The overwhelming majority of searches are carried out in the homes of Crimean Tatars. It is estimated that, of the more than 200 searches carried out recently, some 95% were done in Crimean Tatar homes, schools and mosques. As a rule, these searches are carried out with gross violations of procedural law, are accompanied by material damage and humiliation of human dignity, and have an explicit aim of maximizing the intimidation of those being searched.

Intimidation is also carried out by means of arrests and lawsuits on perfectly unjust accusations, made against the people who don’t recognize the legitimacy of the Crimean occupation.

Article 70 of the Geneva Convention of 1949 stipulates that an occupying power cannot subject citizens of the occupied territory to harassment, arrest and trial for actions or opinions expressed by them before the occupation. But several people have been imprisoned for over a year now, including Ahtem Chiygoz, the deputy chairman of the supreme representative body of the Crimean Tatars – the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people. They are accused of organizing and actively participating in the meeting against separatism that took place in Simferopol on February 26, 2014 – that is, a full three weeks prior to the so-called “referendum” on the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

According to Article 76 of the Geneva Convention of 1949, citizens who are sentenced in the occupied territory shall not be moved to the territory of the occupying country, but must serve their sentences in their territory. But Ukrainian citizens Oleg Sentsov, Gennady Afanasyev, Alexander Kolchenko, Alexei Chirniy and others, who, after inhuman torture, were sentenced to long prison terms for public demonstrations against the occupation of Crimea, were sent to serve their sentences in the Siberian camps of the Russian Federation.

During interrogations, almost all of the arrested and detained opponents of the occupation regime are beaten and subjected to inhuman torture, including electric shocks. The occupiers have used torture even on persons who are not suspected of anything, but whom the occupiers want to coerce into cooperation. Thus, on December 16th of last year, the 24 year-old resident of Dzhankoy, Yenver Krosh, was subjected to several hours of electric shocks, as a means to force him into writing a statement about his willingness to cooperate with the FSB as an informant.

But the most fearsome and repulsive means of intimidation that the occupiers resort to are abduction and murder. To date, 22 such cases have been registered. The dead bodies of some of these people were found, bearing signs of torture. About the rest, there is no information and presumably, all of them have long been dead. For obvious reasons, the occupation authorities take no action on missing persons, or simply pretend to be searching for them. Moreover, the FSB effectively uses the facts of peoples’ disappearance to intimidate and suppress the will of the people. Frequently, in order to obtain the necessary evidence during the interrogation of Crimean Tatars, FSB investigators will say: “Are you not afraid to disappear without a trace?” or “Are you not afraid that your kids might disappear?”

At present, the occupation authorities are considering declaring the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people an extremist or terrorist association, and banning it. The main reason for such accusations is that the Mejlis, which is elected directly by the Crimean Tatar people through democratic elections and therefore, represents all the indigenous people of Crimea, does not recognize the legitimacy of the occupation, and remains loyal to its country – Ukraine. Therefore, from the standpoint of the occupation authorities, it is a structure that represents a “threat to the security and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.” This matter was up for review in the so-called “Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea” in Simferopol, but the results are not yet known.

If the court makes such a decision, it could mean the beginning of mass reprisals not only against members of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, which consists of 33 persons, but also of the entire system of the national government of the Crimean Tatars, which also includes 248 permanent delegates to the National Congress (Qurultay), and about 2300 members of local and regional Mejlis’ throughout Crimea. From the occupier’s point of view, they will be guilty of being chosen by the Crimean Tatars as their representatives. In essence, this means war and repression against the entire Crimean Tatar people.

I believe that such actions by the occupiers against all indigenous people of Crimea, and their expanding repressions against all who do not accept the occupation of Crimea, are sufficient reasons to introduce new and harsher economic and individual sanctions against the Russian Federation.

I have absolute certainty that no effort of the international community can ensure full respect for human rights in Crimea, until that land is liberated from occupation. Therefore, all measures should aim to force the aggressor to leave all the occupied territories of Ukraine, and to hold the occupier-country’s leaders accountable for all crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine.

Thank you for your attention.

Source: Representative of the President of Ukraine for the Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemiliev FB page

The Green men…. „These are not #Russian Soldiers“, and since then, nothing than lies by #Putin.

The Green men….

„These are not Soldiers“, and since then, nothing than lies by .

Putin in February 2015: „These are not Russian Soldiers“, and since then, nothing than lies. But we must really ask: Where are western intelligence services? Are they blind? I don’t know if I should be afraid about Putins monstrosity or about monstrously blindness of western intelligence services.

Soldaten ohne Hoheitsabzeichen am Flughafen Simferopol am 28. Februar 2015

Soldaten ohne Hoheitsabzeichen am Flughafen Simferopol am 28. Februar 2015

Soldaten mit PKP-Maschinengewehr in Simferopol am 2. März 2014

Soldaten mit PKP-Maschinengewehr in Simferopol am 2. März 2014