Press release: Swiss mega arms deal (90 MCHF) with Putin – a scandal!

A 90 Mio mega arms deal between Switzerland and Russia, high-tech camouflage material for the aggressor Russia, the biggest arms deal between Switzerland and Russia ever – and all this, while Russia heavily violates Human Rights, wages a Hybrid War of aggression against Ukraine and breaks every existing international law and treaty.

The association „Swiss Ukraine“ condemns this act of the Swiss Government and informs:

“We are outraged to see how the Swiss Government condones the heavy damage to the reputation of the Swiss humanitarian tradition, which under other circumstances seems to be such a high good. Every member of management of a firm making destructive and greedy decisions of such magnitude would be sacked and replaced. Making such a decision the Swiss Federal Council has lost every credibility. The association Swiss Ukraine requests an inquiry into this completely irrational arms deal, an inquiry by an independent body, with a sense of urgency and attention to detail.”

Russia wages a Hybrid War against Ukraine

A bit more than a year ago Russia occupied the territory of the Ukranian Crimean Peninsula using Hybrid War tactics. Crimea has since been annexed by Russia and Russia builds there a powerful Russian fortress, including the stationing of Nuclear weapons. The Human Right’s situation in Crimea is being considered as disastrous by independent observers: Systematically the local population of the Crimean Tatars is being harassed, threatened, abducted, murdered, deprived of their rights, expropriated and expelled. There is a process of ethnical cleansing happening on Crimea.

Since then Russia wages war against Ukraine. Russia finances and leads the military operations in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Gigantic numbers of arms and weapons, ammunition and also Russian Soldiers are thrown into this battle by Russia.

In Ukraine, meanwhile, 2 Million people have been displaced or severely affected by these Russian acts of war. Whole landscapes and villages have been destroyed by Russian Artillery and ultra-modern Russian rocket launchers, eradicated very much like done by the Nazis in WWII.

Ukraine bemoans thousands of killed and thousands of injured.

Russia and its proxies in Eastern Ukraine have committed the worst war crimes: the downing of the Malaysian passenger airplane MH17 with 300 dead, the shelling of the city of Mariupol with Grad rockets, the killing of 500 civilians at the site of Debaltseve, the abduction and imprisonment of the Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, the abduction and holding in captivity of countless Ukranians, the abduction of observers of the OSCE (including Swiss nationals), the killing of a Swiss delegate to the ICRC. Let’s not forget the continuous terrorism, the lies, Putin and his people pour over the whole world, the threatening flights by Russian warplanes armed with Nuclear weapons, the verbal threats of highest ranking Russian Officials to consider the use of Nuclear weapons, the systematic silencing of all independent Russian media, the prosecution of any opposition, the monstrous hate and lie propaganda, Russia is using to gain the support of its population, the media war, financed by enormous amounts of Russian money, as just one spearhead of the Russian Hybrid War machine.

The news, that the Swiss Federal Council approved still by end of summer 2014 a 90 Mio arms deal with this Russia that wages a Hybrid War against Ukraine and breaks all international laws, is shocking to the board of the association „Swiss Ukraine“. While negotiating with the president of Ukraine and Russia for a cease fire and peace, Federal Councilor Didier Burkhalter in his role as OCSE president, signs as a member of the Swiss Federal Council a big arms deal with the aggressor Russia! Doing this, the Swiss Federal Council does not only bypass the established sanction’s regime against Russia, but supports the ongoing aggression against Ukraine massively, to be precise with a 90 Mio arms deal, hereby – with this short-sighted and irrational decision – destroying the reputation of the Swiss government and of Switzerland as a neutral country.

The Swiss government has with this decision put itself knowingly on the side of a regime that breaks all laws in sight of the public and Switzerland hereby supports directly and actively Russia’s massive violation of international law by delivering 90 Mio worth of high-tech military equipment.

With this decision the Swiss Government is jeopardizing its legitimacy to call for peace, justice and law. Driven by purely economic factors, the Swiss Government has taken the side of a regime that threatens the current order of peace in Europe and wages a cruel war against Ukraine.

Also from a strategic view point this decision of Switzerland as a small country – in the midst of larger more powerful nations – is rather short sighted.

Translation from German into English: Marc Lindt

For further request:, office Switzerland, Simon Gerber,, +79 641 58 85

President of the Swiss Federal Council, Didier Burkhalter, shaking hands with Foreign Minister Lavrov of Russia

President of the Swiss Federal Council, Didier Burkhalter, shaking hands with Foreign Minister Lavrov of Russia


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