#StopRussianPropaganda, Google Chrome app


#StopRussianPropaganda, – Google Chrome app

On this page you can download an extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to be warned about Russian propaganda in a fully automated process. https://spark.adobe.com/page/Vyt2UIsgUdRqm/.


This application can be downloaded free of charge from the following link:

Download extension for Google Chrome  >>>

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Objective and function of the programme

The program warns the user if the author of the displayed information was previously registered as having published disinformation or Russian propaganda and now tries to deceive you most likely. https://spark.adobe.com/page/Vyt2UIsgUdRqm/


There are two projects that solve similar problems.

  1. First, the Hamilton 68 project. http://dashboard.securingdemocracy.org/ This is an excellent development in the form of a separate page on which current trends in disinformation are published. Examples for disinformation, hashtags, names of misinformation publishers are given. But, this is a separate page and in order to use it you have to go to this page to compare the published information with content to understand if you are confronted with a deception. The information published here is relevant to the United States of America. It is less relevant for European countries and almost not relevant in Ukraine.This is an excellent project. We recommend this page to anyone who wants to better understand the current direction of Russian propaganda. In Europe/Germany, there is now a project based on these principles with the name: ARTICLE 38 OF HAMILTON68, which investigates and informs on
    RUSSIAN INFLUENCE CAMPAIGNS ON TWITTER. http://dashboard-germany.securingdemocracy.org/  If you want to understand how the Russians are trying to deceive you, use this tool!
  2. There is a wonderful project from our colleagues botson.net. http://botson.net/ This app is for Google Chrome, which analyzes the author’s account. If the author of the message is not a person, but a specialized program (usually referred to as „bots“), an application highlights some of the information published by the bot in a special way. We have worked with it for a long time and continue to work with it. And we have to say that this app very well exposes the bots. We recommend that you use this tool.

But not only „bots“, but also living people try to deceive.

Unfortunately, the tools and applications described above do not capture the misinformation published by people.

With our new development we want to „close“this gap.

#StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension

#StopRussianPropaganda Google Chrome extension

The program is an application for Google Chrome. The programme can be found at https://swissukraine.org/google-chrome-app/

The application constantly analyzes the information displayed on the screen. As soon as the application detects a Twitter account name on the screen, @ Account_name, a special database is contacted in the background (karatel.foss.org.ua https://karatel.foss.org.ua/blocklist/ and a check is made to see if the Twitter account in question is spreading disinformation.

If the check reveals that no disinformation or Russian propaganda has been distributed from this account before, nothing changes on the screen of your display.

If the account (most likely) tries to cheat, then graphically the @AccountName will be changed, the font will be crossed out. Or the font of the account name is highlighted in a different way.

So if you install our application, you will see „crossed out“ Twitter account names of accounts publishing incorrect information and Russian propaganda. This will warn you and you know that you should not believe the „information“ distributed by this account.

This is a simplified description of the program. In fact, the program contains its own database query cache, as well as several other algorithms that optimize the speed of its work and the convenience of working with it.

We would like to point out that the application essentially does not prohibit or conceal anything. Under Article 15 of the Constitution of Ukraine – censorship is prohibited. On the contrary, the application provides the user with additional information about whether this Twitter account or its author was involved in publishing false information.

At the time of writing this text, more than 331000 Twitter accounts distributing Russian propaganda or false information are already listed in the database karatel.foss.org.ua.


Ukrainian patriots began already at the end of 2013, during the beginning of events on the Maidan to create the base of the list of Russian bots and trolls on karatel.foss.org.ua. First, lists of Russian bots were exchanged in time lines and private messages. But such an exchange quickly became very complicated and not efficient

Then this databank project karatel.foss.org.ua was organized. This is an example of the self-organization of Ukraine’s patriots. Most of them didn’t know each other personally. The database was created and moderated manually.

This project is a work of art, it is the result of painstaking handwork of many people.

Adding an account to the database requires proof. https://karatel.foss.org.ua/commit.so

There is a Mechanism of „rehabilitation“ (deletion from the list), which also requires evidence. When we started to create this database, we developed simple but effective algorithms. These algorithms enabled us to reliably detect farm bots. And not just individual bots. Discovered farms of bots were also registered in the database.

The information collected remains relevant. Russian trolls will continue to try to influence not only US policy. We see attempts to manipulate the opinion of the citizens of Europe. We see that Russian trolls are now working actively, especially in Germany, Ukraine and Switzerland.

We believe it is important to warn people against manipulation. Thanks to our database built up over many years and our newly developed application for Google Chrome, we have a powerful tool to do this.

This application was created by a team of developers, in which @Luntikwatch participates. A fund of the organization „Swiss-Ukraine“ (@SWISSUKRAINE) supported the development. The application uses the database of Russian bots and trolls karatel. foss. org. ua, which were manually collected by a large number of Ukrainian patriots, since the beginning of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine.

Link to the Version in German

Link to the Version in Ukrainian