#stopNordStream2 Does it matter what ethics profile a company or its CEO has?

Does it matter what ethics profile a company or its CEO has? Should a government be careful before making any deals with such a company? Has the German government read the Stasi file of the CEO of Nordstream2? Are you aware of what you’re getting into?


NordStream2 CEO Matthias Warnig: „Here is his complete STASI file – Warnig a „former“ STASI major. Read how he eagerly surrendered from student to STASI major.


And don’t miss to see: There is a photo in this STASI-AKTE of Matthias Warning showing Stasi Major Warnig and KGB agent Putin at the same time – it was 1989!!!

The profile of the CEO of Nordstream2 Matthias Warnig has a huge STASI indentation and much more. But the German government pretends he’s an honest citizen. What does this tell us about the state of the German government?

If any power in the world starts to prevent this weapon of the Kremlin, Nordstream2 – apply sanctions where they promise to be effective. At NordStream2’s partners and network in Germany –

Gerhard Schroeder; Dr. Severin Fischer; ETH Zürich CSS; SPD; Matthias Warning and all companies and organisations networked with them: Sanction for: NordStream2 AG in Zug Switzerland; Bank Rossija; Bank VTB; Rosneft, Transneft; RUSAL; Gazprom; Leipziger Ferngasgesellschaft Verbundnetz Gas AG; Gazprom Schweiz AG; Nord Stream AG; SPD; Dr. Severin Fischer; Nah- und Mittelost-Verein; Hannover 96 GmbH & Co. KGaA; Sigmar Gabriel; Carsten Maschmeyer; Blacklane; nu3; barzahlen; orderbird; pflege.de; crealytics; Veranstaltungsführer-Startup Mobile Event Guide; Sat.1; Universität Hildesheim; Ringier-Verlag, Michael Ringier; Agentur „Harry Walker“ in New York City; NEGP Company; Libyan Investment Authority; Rothschild Bank; Herrenknecht AG;

Using the example of ETH (CSS), for example, the question should be asked who from ETH Zurich appointed this NordStream2 lobbyist Dr. Severin Fischer to ETH, who was personally responsible for this recruitment?


Dr. Severin Fischer – until recently an „energy expert“ at ETH Zurich (CSS) – in reality one of NordStream2’s most rebellious lobbyists and then this remarkable change to the German government as head of the management staff of Minister Dr. Franziska Giffey (Ministry of Family Affairs) – what a castling! How are we supposed to interpret that?

BMFamilie usw:Dr. Severin Fischerpdf-organigramm-data

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