Doing something concrete against Kremlin propaganda? You are wanted!

Doing something concrete against Kremlin propaganda?
You are wanted!

A team of volunteers and developers in Ukraine is building a database that will be the basis to warn not only Twitter users of Kremlin propaganda and misinformation, but generally Internet users.
Now they want to start programming an extension for Google Chrome based on this new data basis, which brings the following concrete added value to the user of this extension:

You surf the Internet and visit any website that offers you any information. In the background, the program checks whether the current page you are using refers to a website that spreads Russian propaganda. This is done fully automatically and in a flash. Websites that refer to misinformation and Kremlin propaganda spreading pages are marked with a visual warning so that you can immediately recognize that you are dealing with a Kremlin propaganda propeller or a page of the Hybrid Kremlin Network.

Once the application is developed, it is available for free download.

The development and support of the program costs several hundered Swiss Franks.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate, with a donation.
Every donation is welcome.
Those donors who so wish will be published on a public donor list.
However, as a donor you can remain anonymous in any case.

Please transfer donations to the donation account of the Association swissukraine:

IBAN CH15 0839 0034 3768 1000 6

BC-Nr. 8390

We will report weekly on the progress of the campaign.

The NGO guarantees that the money raised during this campaign will be used exclusively for the construction of this extension as described above.

The same team of volunteers and programmers in Ukraine supported by the NGO has already built and developed the following extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, which warns Twitter users against Kremlin trolls. This extension is already in use since the beginning of March, it can be downloaded here for free:
At the start of March, 220,000 accounts were registered on the Twitter Kremlin Troll database. In the meantime, there are already over 330,000 registered accounts. The database is continuously updated by the team of volunteers in Ukraine.

So you could say that there are people at work here who know their trade. We receive positive feedback from users.

We know that disinformation and Kremlin propaganda are destructive. We see there are websites that manipulate people’s minds. We already have successful experience in warning you of this threat.

Version in French >>>

Version in Italienisch >>>

Version in Deutsch >>>

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