Russia – „A policy based on constant deception“ Interview by Golineh Atai ARD, with Russian political scientist Yevgenija Albats

Russian political scientist Yevgenija Albats
„A policy based on constant deception“
Updated: 17.03.2018 20:25

Jewgenija M. Albats

Jewgenija M. Albats

About the person
Yevgenia M. Albats is editor-in-chief and editor of the political weekly „The New Times“. She is also a radio presenter at „Ekho Moskvy“ and has been awarded several international journalist prizes.
Albats is the author of several books, including „The State Within A State: KGB and Its Hold on Russia. Past, Present and Future“ (published in German as „Geheimimperium KGB“ in 1991). She holds a PhD in political science from Harvard University and has taught at numerous universities in Europe and the USA and at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.


State and economy in Russia are shaped by former KGB members, according to the publicist and political scientist Albats in an ARD interview. Their notion of good and evil also shaped Putin’s politics.

ARD Studio Moscow: Who controls the Russian state apparatus?

Evgenija Albats: The Putin regime is a kind of business association in power. A regime with a group of people from the Soviet political police – the KGB – who have a common background, a common professional language, a common code of conduct, a common vision of good and evil. Among other things, they manage at least ten state-owned companies, they control the oil and gas industry, telecommunications and the import and export of capital.

ARD Studio Moscow: Where does Vladimir Putin come from?

Albats: Putin began his work in the industry No.5 of the KGB, in St. Petersburg – in the ideological counterintelligence, which dealt with the manipulation of people. He fought with dissidents, with dissidents: He searched endlessly for ways to cheat these people.

ARD Studio Moscow: What does that mean today, in 2018?

Albats: At the heart of the Putin regime is a policy based on constant fraud. They all don’t tell the truth all the time. And they know they’re not telling the truth no matter what. It could be that the whole West is just waiting to destroy Russia – or that the US wanted to take over Siberian mineral resources. They’re endless lies. That’s something the KGB counterintelligence was constantly working on.

Albats: You have to explain to people why they have been in power for 18 years. Russia’s propagandists have only found one answer – and that is that Putin is God’s ambassador on earth. We just don’t get it yet, but he’s supposed to have an historic mission: to raise Russia from her knees. It’s almost sacred.

The interview was conducted by Golineh Atai, ARD

Interview with Yevgenia Albats on the election in Russia
17.03.2018, Golineh Atai




See the original interview in German >>>

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