SIEMENS – the Kremlin’s deadly lever against the foundations of Europe and humanism

Today we are receiving new reports of gigantic SIEMENS transactions to build up monstrous transport capacities in connection with the Russian Kerch Bridge from Russia to the Crimea occupied by Russia.

The OTEKO Group and the Siemens Company have signed a contract for the automation of the new railway station „Panagia“ worth more than 3 billion rubles.

This was announced by the OTEKO Group in a press release on February 15, 2018. Here is a translation of the original Russian into English: The OTECO Group of Companies (OTEKO Group of Companies) and Siemens …

Did the bosses of SIEMENS and their „mother’s womb“ SPD not realize what the Russian occupiers in Crimea are doing about human rights massacres? Have they never read about the now over 10,000 dead of the Russian war against Ukraine? Have you overlooked the fact that Russia’s bloody war against Ukraine has already displaced more than 1 1/2 million people?

Bela Anda, an old warship of SPD, always close to Gerhard Schroeder – here also with SIEMENS-CEO Kaeser

Bela Anda, an old warship of SPD, always close to Gerhard Schroeder – here also with SIEMENS-CEO Kaeser

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Situation of human rights in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)

GENEVA (Reuters) – Russia is committing “grave” human rights violations in Crimea, including its imposition of citizenship and by deporting prisoners, a U.N. human rights report said on Monday.

“Grave human rights violations, such as arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment and torture, and at least one extra-judicial execution were documented,” the report said.

With its compliant instrument SIEMENS, the Kremlin is waging a powerful war against Europe.

  • SIEMENS and its short-sighted and money-hungry managers betray the principles of our modern humanist society.
  • SIEMENS reveals the values of the founding fathers, what they have achieved with engineering and innovation, hurl them into the dirt for a bag of blood smeared rubles.
  • SIEMENS becomes the Kremlin’s lethal lever against human rights.
  • With SIEMENS, the Kremlin undermines the foundation of European stability, international law.
  • And with SIEMENS und the outstanding support of the German SPD, the Kremlin leads the primacy of German politics over economics ad absurdum.

SIEMENS has already supplied powerful turbines for Russian power plants in Crimea – all attempts by SIEMENS to cover up this problem or to depict it as an „accident“ have been exposed.


The Ukrainian @RutheniaRus on Twitter rightly points out that SIEMENS directly supports the Russian occupying power in Crimea through its turbines.

The industrialized, technical and automated handling of cargo handling from Russia via the Kerch Bridge newly built by Russia, which will only be possible with SIEMENS technology, will of course also directly support the Russian occupation army of the Crimea. With this new mega deal, SIEMENS is increasingly becoming a willing partner of the Kremlin and the Russian Armed Forces, which commits a series of crimes.

Appeals to the common sense of Russia from Germany are a mockery in the face of such economic entanglements, which are used by the Kremlin as a weapon against Europe and its values.

SIEMENS is out of control.

Founder of Siemens – what would he say?

Founder of Siemens – what would he say?

It is now up to European and German politicians to adapt the trade laws to this reality.

Trade with a country that violates all forms of the law, such as Russia, must be effectively prevented by law.

If Germany does not act swiftly now and tightens its laws with the aim that companies like SIEMENS can be brought under control again, this country runs the risk of becoming the target of international sanctions itself.

We also call for: Russia must be included on this list:


Link to the German Version

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