The modern Russian occupation of Europe.

The Germans finance organizations such as the ZOiS fund, „Corridors“, or „DRJUG“, who campaign for friendship with Russia and trade with Russia. Germany agitates extremely for „Nord Stream 2“. At its core, such actions are the encouragement of the aggressor.

Russia bombs peaceful cities in Syria. People are gassed with chemical weapons. People flee from the war. Among the refugees, of course, there are different people, including criminals as with any other nationality or group of people.

As a result, the Germans receive a flood of refugees and crimes in the streets of their cities, which naturally leads to protests.

The Germans can go on protests for as long as they like. But this will not remove the contradictions, but will only strengthen them. Russian propaganda tries to multiply these contradictions. Install hate in the souls of people. To bring chaos to Europe. Putin gives a standing ovation.

It is in the muddy water of chaos that dirty Russian money will take control of your country’s most important resources. And for this, neither weapons nor tanks are needed. It is necessary to reinforce the contradictions, opposites and fault lines in the country. Divide people into „supporters“ and „opponents.“ It is necessary to create chaos in the attacked country. We need to buy politicians and journalists. It is necessary to settle corruption in the occupied country. It is necessary to deploy Russian propaganda in the attacked country. That is what the hybrid war that Russia is waging today looks like.

Want to clean up?

  • First of all, stop encouraging the aggressive policy of the Russians.
  • Forbid their organizations, their agitating for their friendship with the Russians.
  • In general, prohibit any „Russian“ organization.
  • Stop campaigning for trade with a terrorist country.
  • Stop supporting the economy of the terrorist country.
  • Stop the policy of double standards.
  • Call the war in Syria and the war in Ukraine a war that the Russians have started, do not call it „conflict“ in the language of Russian propaganda.
  • Work out tough measures to find and punish war criminals.
  • Do not try to appease the aggressor. It already happened in our history.
  • Its a mistake hope that it is possible to finde agreements of solutions with the Russians about something.
  • The Russians can only be forced to stop the aggression.
  • An attempt to appease Russia, or to go to Russia with a compromise, will end in war and blood.
  • Don’t be under any illusions.
  • Russia will only stop killing if it has no more money to continue the war. And there’s no other way to stop the Russian aggression. This must be well understood

Only a hard response to the aggressive policy of Russia is functional. Only a complete ban on organizations working in the interests of Russian propaganda has a particular impact, the ban on the promotion of friendship and trade with the terrorist country.

Terrorist acts in Europe, the growth of crime and today’s demonstrations in the streets of Germany, is the direct result of this „friendship“.

Only with these measures we can restore order. Otherwise, chaos awaits us. The modern Russian occupation of Europe awaits us. Where instead of weapons Russia will operates with Russian propaganda. Dirty Russian money will be used instead of ammunition. Corruption will control politicians bought by russia. They will explain you you how to be friendly with Russia and how profitable it is to trade with Russia.

The article was written by @Prizrak_opery

Link to the article in German language >>>>

Link to the original article in Russian language >>>>:




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