The Russian publicist Khazin proposed to split the territory of Ukraine into parts to kill several million Ukrainians.

Author: @Prizrak_Opery & Simon Gerber

„We want to live, our neighbors want us dead. This leaves little room for compromise.“
Golda Meir

Mikhail Khazin, a Russian economist, television and radio presenter, former official of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, said that in Eastern Ukraine it is necessary to completely destroy the Ukrainian culture, make the center and the north of the country agrarian, and transfer Western Ukraine to Poland.

President of the United States Donald Trump advocates the regionalization of the world, within the framework of which Ukraine departs into the sphere of influence of the Russian Federation. This December 23, said at a meeting of the club „Russian horizon“ Russian economist, analyst, publicist, television and radio presenter, a former official of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Mikhail Khazin.
„Then everything depends on what we want, we want to preserve Ukraine as a whole, but loyal to Russia.“ „Then it’s necessary to return the Donbass with a change of leadership in Kiev …“ „Then the counterpropaganda begins: the population is not really thrilled there. , roughly speaking, several million people, who can not be corrected, well, they need to be partially eliminated, and partly – kicked out, he said.
The second option, according to Khazin, is the dismemberment of Ukraine.
„The picture should be the following: Novorossia, that is, the entire territory from Kharkov to the Odessa region.This could be Zaporizhzhya, Dnepropetrovsk, in general, everything.Norossia should enter Russia with areas with full denazification, ban and destroy everything that is connected with the mention of Ukraine as a state, with a complete ban on the use of Ukrainian script, Ukrainian texts, programs in Ukrainian, teaching in Ukrainian, in short, in full, and Kiev and the northern part of Ukraine from Sumy to Kiev, Chernigov and so on should become an agrarian state,“ he said.
The Russian economist stressed that Kiev should not have an army or industry.
„Yes, there will be a surplus population there, the excess population will go to the Far East, we need to raise the country, but the part that is western, the westerners are four or five oblasts, they just need to be given to Poland. We must give Poland our loyalty and occupy them with something,“ Hazin said.

On August 31, 2015, the SBU was informed that Khazin was banned from entering the territory of Ukraine.
Khazin in 1997-1998 was deputy head of the economic administration of the Russian president. He is a real state counselor of the Russian Federation of the III class in retirement. He is a member of the expert council „Economics and Ethics“ under the patriarch of Moscow and All Russia and a member of the public council of the Federal Tariff Service.


(A Ukrainian media from DmitryGordon)

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