Our vison is: The structures of UN cleaned out of corruption dear Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Dear UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres,

to make everything clear:

  1. finally hand over to me the full version of the secret UN-investigations about my abduction case of 3 April 1995 at the illegal checkpoint Sierra 4 of the Karadzic/Mladic criminals near Sarajevo. I am directly affected by corrupt UN soldiers and officers who abused their UN mandate, organized bribes with criminals and war criminals to plan and organize my abduction.
  2. I have evidence that the UN Civil Police and the UN Military Police have investigated the case thoroughly. Despite our best efforts over two decades, the UN has so far withheld these investigations from us.
  3. If the UN has in fact carried out a thorough investigation of the abduction and circumstances, these investigations will include the names of the parties involved, their rank within the UN and their function within the UN, it will make it clear who within the UN issued which orders, at what time and to whom.
  4. The obvious UN-behavior, of not informing the victims of UN-corruption and hostage taking, but instead spreading stupid lies, opens the door for further corruption within the UN and further crime.
  5. I note that, since my abduction on 3 April 1995, with the direct involvement of UN personnel, the UN has not considered it necessary to ask me about the course of events during the abduction, instead the UN has spread lies about the process. We have several official UN-documents which is solid proof of that.

Once again, Secretary General Antonio Guterres:

You have a duty to fight corruption within the UN.

I assume you agree with me.

So talk to me. Here, do something very specifically to combat corruption in the UN structure.

The UN has refused this for 22 years. And thus protects corruption in the UN and protects criminals.

Merry Christmas, General Secretary Antonio Guterres:

Letter from PEN to Karadzic

Letter from PEN to Karadzic


Letter from PEN to Karadzic Page 2

Letter from PEN to Karadzic Page 2









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