Russians say: „We came to make fiends with you“ – The disease spreads slowly but surely.


Yes. They (the Russians) do not say „we came to kill and rob you“.

They say:

„We came to make friends with you.“


But the essence of their activities lies in the consistent strengthening of their influence.
First through the Russian „friendship societies“, as a springboard.
Then – Russian propaganda. As a preparation for the attack.
Then buying up the country. Buying property, buying up companies. Purchase or organization of financial institutions.
This is an attack. And – dictate their terms. This is an occupation.
The disease spreads slowly but surely.
Everyday. A vivid example is Ukraine and Germany. The attempt to get rid of the disease gives rise to terror.
The threat of existence to the regime of internal (Russian) occupation generates war.
Ukraine – is an example.

Text and picture by @Prizrak_Opery

You would not have time to recover, as in your country there will be a „Russian world“.



I have a clue. Which I want to share. But I do not know how to tell this to people. Now I’ll try to formulate.
Even when these events began, I wrote an article
The essence of the article is that in Ukraine the Russians bought up the entire energy industry. The Russians bought up the entire communication system. And Gontareva and Poroshenko destroyed banks with Ukrainian capital and gave preferences to banks with Russian capital.
In fact, key sectors of the economy were bought by Russians. Do I need to talk about the origin of this money?
The article proposes to adopt a law that prohibits the sale of strategic enterprises of Ukraine to Russians, and structures with the origin of capital from Russia.
In Ukraine, this problem is no less painful than war.
And then I watch. First a story with a German fund. Which, upon close examination, works in the names of Russian propaganda. Then a scandal with a German bank, which was constantly controlled by the Russians. And used by the Russians to launder money. Further I learn that many companies in Germany have already been bought by Russian
And I see that the entire system is working for a split in Europe. It works in the interests of Russians. And the Russians continue to buy key enterprises and banks around the world. It is clear that all this is for money, which the KGB of the FSB and the onyge – the encirclement of Putin have pumped out of Russia. This is oil and gas money. It is the trade in drugs with weapons.
What I want to say.
There is a danger no less terrible than Russian propaganda. For any country. This is the danger of buying up strategic enterprises and financial structures by Russians. The organizations have a capital of doubtful origin. Or having capital of Russian origin.
And until laws (at least analogous to the struggle against Russian propaganda) are adopted, the Russians will work to split and plunder the countries. In which they are buying something. An example is Germany. There are many people who are in favor of Russia. So we get the bombardments in Syria. And the annexation of the Crimea. And an armed attack on the Donbas. Under the guise of Russian propaganda.
And buying up key enterprises and banking structures in some country will lead to what it was harassed in Ukraine. To war and blood, to protect the capital and property that the Russians own in Ukraine.
People do not see this danger and do not understand. Help, please bring it to people. Prohibit the Russians in your countries from buying strategic enterprises. Otherwise, do not have time to recover, as in your country there will be a „Russian world“.



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