Note to the verdict against mass Killer General Mladic and teaching ignorance in western society

I am talking as a Swiss citizen from the perspective of a inhabitant of Europe in 2017:

A note to the verdict against mass Killer General Mladic – the Genocide of Srebrenica in summer 1995 with more than 8000 killed civilians in a few days –

Why is this not in a central spotlight of interest in our western society? Why for example most of western TV station don’t transmit directly from the court? Why most western politicians are silent about?

The Serb General Mladic is the worst war criminal in Europa since the crimes of Hitlers Killers in WW2 – why our society and its leaders on all sectors are not interested to confront spiritually, mentally and intellectual with the largest crime against humanity in Europe since the WW2?

1. reminder: The Genocide of Srebrenica happened under the eyes of alle western leaders – it was not secretly done – there was satellite intelligence and people on place, who recorded live.

2. Reminder: The Genocide of Srebrenica was not destiny like an avalanche – UN had enough tanks and firepower on place to stopp and avoid the Serbian killing machine. But the decision process inside UN was blocked by particular nations!

The structural fatal problems of our UN-Organization exposed dramatically in the Genocide of Srebrenica 22 years ago, still system immanent in UN: Lesson not learned from Srebrenica! Horror  crimes against humanity will be repeated again and again!

This UN-Problem exposed through Genocide of Srebrenica an endless crimes against humanity in Syria and Crimea can be solved very easy. Exclude any stakeholder involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity & international law from any UN-decision process.

I asked my children who are in one of the best school in Switzerland – „did any of your teacher spoke to you and your class about the genocide of Srebrenica and the verdict against General Mladic, who is the worst War-Criminal in Europe since the Nazis?“

The answer of my children is: „No, no one in our school spoke with us about that“!

Both of our children on November 23. 2017, when the worst war criminal in Europe since WW2, General Mladic was sentenced for life, in Swiss School had a normal school day and not one single word was said about

Instead our Children were taught on this historical day in:

German, English, French, Italian, Chemistry, History, Physics, Geography, Sports, Artistic design

I am not optimistic for a society who is teaching its children and citizens ignorance towards worst war crimes against civilians, against humanity and international law.

After WW2 or further back after the 30 Years‘ War 1618 – 1648 in Europe – there was not this ignorance like today – the fundaments of our international law and human rights was written – we must be more carefully for these fundaments of our civilisation!


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