The organized deformation of #Russian society is extremely dangerous – look this BBC-Documentry

Published by NGO

Putins Russia is an extremely dangerous threat for every civilized nation –

  • Russian criminal occupation of Crimea,
  • its endless human rights violation against the Crimean Tatars,
  • the Russian Hybrid War against Ukraine in East Ukraine (still there are people who name this real Russian war with more than 10 000 killed people analog to the Russian propaganda „conflict“

one would expect should be enough so everybody should have learned with what we are confronted –

today (February 18. 2017) Putin ordered the Russian authorities to legalize and accept passports by the two terrorist region in East Ukraine, Donezk and Luhansk, a terror-creation directly produced through Putins Hybrid War.

The west still has the option to stop Putin. But the time window for powerful action against Putin is not endless, because Putins Russia is following a masterplan.

Do you guess its a good idea, to have in 2018 the football world championship in Putins Russia?


Published by NGO

And see also this book by Swiss Prof. Ulrich Schmid, published 2015:

Technologien der Seele von Prof. Ulrich Schmid

Technologien der Seele von Prof. Ulrich Schmid

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmid

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmid

See also:

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