Wassyl Slipak, „The Singer“ – is it dangerous to ask, who or what killed him?

Wassyl Slipak

Wassyl Slipak

Wassyl Slipak, „The Singer“ – is it dangerous to ask, who or what killed him?

Yes it is dangerous to ask these questions – enough people have told us tis. Two of his close colleagues where killed in the last days, maybe they did not realize in what danger they were, asking this question:

How the dubious Ukrainian Media „UT“ – known for example for its disastrous disinformation about Turkey after „the coup“ a few days ago, claiming Turkey has accused Ukraine of being in collaboration with the putschist leaders – it was running around the world like bushfire and had the potential to cause serious damage to the relationship between Ukraine and Turkey – this lie was based on a very fragile Russian source (!) (http://uatoday.tv/politics/turkey-accuses-ukraine-of-participating-in-military-coup-704506.html) (News from Turkey: Retraction of article „Turkey accuses Ukraine of participating in military co). Meanwhile they had to withdraw the article.

– how this obviously  not trustworthy media „UT“ can spread into the world:

„Wassyl Slipak, The Singer“ was shot dead by a Snyper from the distance of 500 Meters“ ?

You know what the source of this already around the globe widespread and „reality-building“ words by UT are based on? The only source that UT is using is a criminal sniper close on Putins side – we can say: Its a Russian source.

Again a Russian source used by UT to create a more than curious „reality“ and avoid further questions –

is UT building in first line Russian „Reality“?

But what about this:

Wassyl Slipak, in his last days before he was killed, was obviously extremely nervous, disturbed – completely untypical for him – he planned to leave the frontline, he already had the ticket for his way back to the opera stage in France.

And there is knowledge that Wassyl Slipak was not shot by the caliber of a sniper gun but had two 9 mm bullets in his head.

There is no sniper in the world, shooting with a 9mm pistol over a distance of 500 Meters.

We, as an independent NGO have reason enough to urge for a very carefully designed and carefully conducted investigation that is a real investigation. When FBI or other foreign specialists are not involved – we will not give up, we would not be quiet in this case of the murder of Wassyl Slipak, The Singer.

At the same time, we urge the Ukrainian President Pietro Poroshenko directly: You are responsible for the lives of all Ukrainians. Also you must stop any threats towards people who are bringing up questions concerning the defending ministry of Ukraine, Mr. Poltorak Questions about his profile, about his past, about his several dollar millions that he is sitting on –  and questions now, towards the killing of the one of the most upright Ukrainian, Wassyl Slipak, „The Singer“.

NGO Schweiz-Ukraine / swissukraine.org 29. July 2016




Article by „Ukraine today“ „UT“ Who shot dead Ukrainian opera singer in Donbas?


Funeral of Wassyl Slipak

Funeral of Wassyl Slipak


News from Turkey: Retraction of article „Turkey accuses Ukraine of participating in military coup

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