Grate Britain after #Brexit: State of emergency but there is no Taskforce ?

Dear friends in Grate Britain:

After all for this disastrous Grate Britain destroying project BREXIT, have declared to step down – there is the imagine everybody is standing beside the Themse and is in the mode of „go with the flow“, watching shocked and desperately how Grate Britain is going the river down.

Maybe have a look how we in Switzerland would act in such a situation – are you aware of the amount of the danger that the whole Grate Britain is now?

We should compare it with the situation of a unexpected gravely state of war.

And it would be smart, to act adequately.

In a state of emergency in Switzerland, the crisis management has normally the architecture of a Taskforce.

This Taskforce will be functionally and can be successfully under the follow precondition:

  1. All main stakeholders must be equally represented in the Taskforce
  2. The job of the Taskforce, the detailed task and the range and meaning of its decisions must be fully defined and publicly declared.
  3. The empowerment of the Taskforce must be founded on a broad and deep commitment of all possible stakeholders, as for example:
    1. The current government
    2. The current parliament
    3. The representatives of the Kingdom
    4. The representatives of all relevant political parties
    5. The civil society in functionally representative forms
  4. The preparation and the building-process of this Taskforce must be realized in a short as possible time window – maybe in only one or two weeks. This goal can only be achieved if all necessary actions and activities are very well coordinated and the communication about every single step is comprehensively.

The time window with the possibility to act for the people interested in Common Sense in Britain is still open – but better you act now in the most possible high priority, speed and determinedness.


  1. July 2016, Simon Gerber, MSc. in Organization Development
Tweet in connection to #brexit, published on 04. July 2016

Tweet in connection to #brexit, published on 04. July 2016

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