5 dead #Ukrainian defenders. Ukrainian defense ministry doesn’t want to see it…

First published on 12. June 2016

This is definitely a blatant lie by The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine!

Different sources confirm:

From the 11.06.2016, till now we have 5 dead Ukrainian fighters, 4 of them was already killed yesterday. One additionally died later because of his injuries.

It is one thing, to be a totally dysfunctionally defense ministry and send your own people into a deadly trap – and let them die – but to spread such blatant disinformation about their provoked death is unmasking the real nature of this dysfunctionally Defense Ministry of Ukraine!

We are more than outraged!

We, swissukraine.org, urgently demand the Ukrainian government and parliament to investigate the killings of Ukrainian defenders from yesterday in all necessary levels from the top to the bottom.

We urge the Ukrainian Government to do this in close cooperation with foreign experts.

At the same time we urgently demand all our Ukrainian friends to brake all taboos used to hide corruption, inhumanity and lack of common sense by all responsible.

Ukrainian Defending Ministry spreads disinformation

Ukrainian Defending Ministry spreads disinformation


Information about significant Army losses is not true. Only three soldiers were wounded last night,


Міноборони: за минулу добу жоден військовий не загинув, поранено 12 бійців – BBC Україна

Update 1 (27. June. 2016)

On 12. June 2016, with the bulletin: 12 червня 2016, 14:25 | ID: 21386 | Переглядів: 11240), the Ukrainian defense ministry still spread the disinformation: „There are only 3 wounded fighters and nobody of them was killed.“ 


До уваги ЗМІ! Інформація про численні безповоротні втрати в лавах ЗС України упродовж минулої ночі н

Bulletin des Ukrainischen Verteidigungsministeriums vom 12. Juni 2016, 14.25 Uhr

Bulletin des Ukrainischen Verteidigungsministeriums vom 12. Juni 2016, 14.25 Uhr



Ukrainian Defense MInister Stepan Poltorak

Ukrainian Defense MInister Stepan Poltorak

Update 2

(13.06 13:24)

General Staff investigates alleged casualties during Putilivska mine skirmishes on June 11 | Ukraine

General Staff investigates alleged casualties during Putilivska mine skirmishes on June 11

13.06 13:24

General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces investigates the reports of alleged deaths of the four people during military engagement at Putilivska mine on June 11, said Col. Andriy Lysenko, presidential administration spokesperson on ATO-related issues.

According to Col. Lysenko, the General Staff will probe into circumstances whether there were people who were not in the ranks of the Ukrainian Army and did not have appropriate authorization near Putilivska mine. The results will be published soon.

He noted that only Ukrainian Armed Forces hold positions at the first line of defense, while those members of the volunteer battalions eager to continue military service have been integrated in the Army and National Guard units in 2015.

According to previous reports, the ATO spokesperson told that Ukrainian Armed Forces did not suffer casualties on June 11, yet 12 servicemen were wounded in action, including five soldiers in the area of Putilivska mine.



Now, after meanwhile 5 dead Ukrainian fighters are buried and the Names and even portraits of this 5 Ukraine defenders are published – there is still the question in the room:

Why Ukraine defending ministry published on 12 June 2016 the lie: „There are no deaths“, at this time, we as a Pro Ukraine NGO in Switzerland already had evidence of 5 dead Ukrainian defenders from an incident on June 11?

Till now we can’t see any concrete result of a proper investigation of that.





Update 3 (28.06.2016)


28.06.16 15:03

Right Sector soldiers, who died on June 11 at Butivka mine, were killed by 152-mm howitzer fire. VIDEO

A video showing the beginning of shelling of Butivka mine in the Donetsk region, where soldiers of the Right Sector were killed by a slide, has been posted online.

As reported by Censor.NET, the video of the June 11 shelling of Butivka mine has been posted by volunteer Yuliia Tolmachova on Facebook.

„At night, when shelling usually takes place, OSCE representatives do not work. A position of OSCE „waker up“ should be introduced – a person who would get them out of beds and take to shelled positions…

„This is a start of shelling of Butivka mine when the Right Sector fighters were killed. Deaf and blind OSCE reps have seen and heard nothing,“ Tolmachova noted bitterly.

As reported, four soldiers of the Right Sector died June 11 in a slide at Butivka mine, caused by pro-Russian militants‘ shelling.Source: http://en.censor.net.ua/v395118



Butovka mine: Right Sector soldiers killed – OSCE mission, shoot out, death, Right Sector, Russian A




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