We stand firmly and close with the sovereign #Ukraine and its people


Together with our friends and colleagues – we fight proudly for basic rights, for international law – the foundation of our civilization – we as citizens of little Switzerland with its strength, neutrality  – without binding international law – everything would be lost –

so we fight resolute for the rights of Nadia Savchenko and all 25 deported Ukrainians to Russia as hostages –

Nadia Savchenko has helped in her function as officer, with every right to defend the sovereignty of the 50 million inhabitants country Ukraine – just as we would defend as Swiss citizens our country against attacks – just as we would protect our house against burglars –

Russia has no legal claims inside the sovereign Ukraine. Who covers its neighbor with a war and deported its citizens – is breaking international law.

We stand firmly and close to the sovereign Ukraine.

#EUROMAIDAN History in the making a selection of its pictures

#EUROMAIDAN History in the making a selection of its pictures


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