The Boris Nemtsov Report in English, in full length: „Putin. The War“, about the Involvement of Russia in the Eastern Ukraine conflict and the Crimea


Nemtsov Report EUFAJ-Special-NemtsovReport-150521


The scenario the „return of the Crimea to Russia“ was undoubtedly planned and carefully prepared by the authorities of the Russian Federation in advance. The scope of this planning is evident today.


„On the Crimean Peninsula, we were among the first on 24 February [2014]. Two days before we had been alerted in the barracks. Battalion tactical groups were formed and sent to Anapa by plane. From Anapa we were transferred to Novorossiysk on “trucks”, from where we sailed to Sevastopol on a big landing ship. […]
As soon as we got off the ship on the ground, we were ordered to take off all the state symbols and insignia of the force. We were all given green balaclavas, sunglasses, knee pads and elbow pads. […] I think we were among the first who were called the „polite people.“
In Sevastopol, we spent only a few days. As the main task we were to settle and be ready to perform any assignment.“

Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov

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