Sign the Petition to end #EU and #US appeasement policies to #Putins #Russia by Europeans for Ukraine

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The German civic action group “Europeans for Ukraine” has launched a petition to end European and international policies of accommodation and concessions for the Government of the Russian Federation.

Their demands are simple, non-military in character, and yet very clear:

  1. Consistent implementation of the sanctions that have already been imposed.
  2. Withdrawal of the visa travel permits of the ruling 500 families in Russia.
  3. Temporary exclusion of the Russian Federation from SWIFT.

The petition calls upon political leaders to implement these measures until Minsk II is fully implemented and Crimea is returned under Ukrainian control.

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While we have seen a lot of online petitions come and disappear these days, this petition is special in that it is hosted on the site, which asks participants to supply their full details to gain credibility, and has committed itself to make MPs and governments in Europe aware of any petition that reaches a satisfactory quorum. Further, it is backed by two influential people: Heidi Rohrlack and Martin Luithle.

EU and US: Stop the bloodshed ‑ no further appeasement of the Russian Federation!

EU and US: Stop the bloodshed ‑ no further appeasement of the Russian Federation!

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