Film by Stan Neumann: LTI, Language of the 3. reich, Die Sprache lügt nicht: Die Tagebücher von Victor Klemperer : Stan Neumann

via Die Sprache lügt nicht: Die Tagebücher von Victor Klemperer : Stan Neumann : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive.

much more than only language…
re-reading Victor Klemperer

by Simon Gerber
in my view: It’s always necessary to reflect what and how we do communicate, I agree so far – often the design and architecture of an „information“- act transports the main information in a hidden way, (thats why I am so horny to hit everybody who uses those Russian Propaganda Terms like „armed conflict“ camouflaging a double twisted brutal aggression-war) not visible for the most people or receivers – but with impact – of course with a smart structured graphic we can transport much more information through 1 tweet – but: This effect disappears very quickly as everybody starts to communicate under such norms – thats why I always people encourage to communicate in their own personal unique way, personal uniquely colored and formed in any aspects – reflection about our communication includes for me also the necessity to know – any form of „declaration“ like: „this is the perfect form for your communication“ includes the danger, to reduce its addressee’s to something what actually nobody would like to be – its the opposite of a human with his very personal form of being, and his communication is of course a central main part of it. Our www-communication is under super-sonic development – who cares about a construct like this term „WWW“? I can’t help myself, it reminds me on Victor Klemperer, a jewish linguistic professor, who researched the language and propaganda driven by the German Nazis during World War 2 – „LTI“ (Lingua Tertii Imperil) – „effectiveness“ was the crucial point for their propaganda – therefor they created those very typically terms, until today in everybody use like: „VW“, „SS“, „HK“ (Haken-Kreuz) I am not saying, using a compact smart graphic in a tweet is the same like the Nazis formed propaganda and their language – I only say, a „declaration“ like: „this is the perfect form of communication“…. is not without danger.


Victor Klemperer (1881-1960), a professor of literature in Dresden, was Jewish; through the efforts of his wife, he survived the war. From 1933 when Hitler came to power to the war’s end, he kept a journal paying attention to the Nazis‘ use of words. This film takes the end of 1945 as its vantage point, with a narrator looking back as if Klemperer reads from his journal. He examines the use of simple words like „folk,“ „eternal,“ and „to live.“ Interspersed are personal photographs, newsreel footage of Reich leaders and of life in Germany then, and a few other narrative devices. Although he’s dispassionate, Klemperer’s fear and dread resonate.

Deutsche Version:

English Version:–_Lingua_Tertii_Imperii–_Notizbuch_eines_Philologen

Victor Klemperer

Victor Klemperer

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