#international-law and order & #humanRights, against terror and crime

A clear position for international law and order, for human rights and against terror and crime – even if we have to deal with a terror organization like Putin’s Russia that is under control of one of the most powerful nuclear weapon arsenal, also in a noisy way threatening the whole world – to act powerful against such a never seen terror system – its not a question of war or not. Its a question of

  • stopping business as usual with Putin’s Russia

  • abandoning Putin’s Russia immediately from SWIFT

  • exclude Putin’s Russia from the privilege of a UNSC-Membership

With this bundle of measures within days Putin’s terror-game is stopped without a single shot by a gun or by artillery! The question is:

  • are western leaders and representatives of a world, based on human rights, on international law, able to analyze this, find the necessary common decision or are they already in fact a part of Putin’s terror system – unable to think clearly, because brainwashed and under the impact of the arsenal of an old small KGB-agent and now president of a nuclear terror organization – actively working with KGB-brain-influence tactics –
  • where are we standing now?

Refugees normally are not falling from the sky to the earth like snow –

one of a main human characteristic is the ability to understand context – but most people, most western government are already so much broken into pieces – they can’t see Putin’s and Assad’s crime and terror as the main cause of what is their main issue of the day in western countries now – refugees – and because they are so much broken they are not able to act and stop this ingoing murder – why did they not hear the warnings, coming from Ukraine, from Syria – why did they not heare the cry for help from people in these countries – why did they not stop criminals like Putin and Assad before it will be too late ? The time window for an adequate action is not endless open. Once it will be definitely too late.

FlüchtlingsproduktionGmbH by marian kamensky

FlüchtlingsproduktionGmbH by marian kamensky

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