#Boycott the 1000-fold #EU-RU-Sanctions breakers #booking.com + hrs.de

Many thanks to Mario Galgano, Radio Vatican, for the hint

Thanks for Translation to Marc Lindt!

The society Swiss-Ukraine calls for all decent and reasonable people to join the boycott against the following two travel agencies.

With their offers for holidays on the Crimea peninsula (occupied by Russia) they break the EU sanctions regime against Russia.

Putin’s Russia has occupied Crimea breaking all international laws and hereby putting in question fundamentally the basic rules of our civilization. On the Crimea peninsula the Russian occupiers constantly violate human rights. Let’s just think about the brutal force against the Crimean Tatar population.

Reasons enough to boycott these two agencies!

Who continues to do business with the occupiers, stabs the EU for its Russia policies in the back, and this solely on the basis of pure greed.

We also call on the EU authorities to put in place the necessary measures to penalize and prevent such activities.

http://www.booking.com breaks 1282 fold the EU sanctions, which have been put in place to prevent business with companies on the Russian occupied Crimea peninsula.

1000-fache EU-RU-Sanktionenbrecher Booking.com

1000-fache EU-Russland-Sanktionenbrecher Booking.com

1000 fold breakers of sanctions against Russia booking.com


X-fache EU-RU-Sanktionenbrecher HRS.de

X-fache EU-RU-Sanktionenbrecher HRS.de

Umpteen times breaker of EU sanctions against Russia hrs.de


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