Nadya Savchenko: Public-opinion poll – What kind of countermeasure do you recommend?

Last days we read reports, Ukrainian hostage of Putins-Russia Nadya Savchenko could be „sentenced“ for 25 years. Nadya Savchenko was kidnapped on Ukrainian soil by Putins-Russian-bandits more than one year ago. They transported her against her will to Moscow (alone in this context, how Russian leaders can try to explain, they are not involved in the ongoing war against Ukraine in eastern Ukraine?) where she is since then hold as Putins personal hostage.

Thats for us, the Organisation Swiss-Ukraine, reason enough to call openly: We need new countermeasures against such human-rights violation driven by Putins-Russia – time for appeals and time for talks is over now. So thats why we urge you, to participate in our public-opinion poll.

First aim of our poll is: Installing powerful countermeasure against human rights violation Putins-Russia. Russia must free all Ukrainian hostages now!

Nadya Savchenko, Russia threatens 25 years prison

Nadya Savchenko, Russia threatens 25 years prison

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