Swiss delegation undermines the sanctions and cowardly refrains from condemning the Russian led war in Ukraine.

As already reported, the delegation of Swiss Members of Parliament (Mitgliederliste der parlamentarischen OSZE-Versammlung) refused to condemn Russia as aggressor against Ukraine at the occasion of a resolution during the assembly of the OSCE in Helsinki. The resolution was supported by a vast majority of the OSCE members, nevertheless the Swiss delegation opted to declare abstention.

According to one female MP (who was part of the voting), the president of the delegation, member of the National Council Andreas Aebi (SVP (Swiss people’s Party), a Major of the Swiss Army) has given the clear directive for the Swiss delegation to collectively declare abstention. This fact was confirmed today to the Society Swiss Ukraine.

How do the members of the Swiss MP delegation to the OSCE justify their vote?

The same sources declare unanimously that the reason given was the fact that some delegates from Russia were refused a visa by the host, Finland, to enter the country. The abstention was hence not against the content of the resolution (against the Russian aggression), as the delegates argued, but due to the fact that “the implicit refusal of dialogue with the Russian (delegation) doesn’t conform to the Swiss understanding of democracy”.

The society Swiss Ukraine would like to make the following statement: The argumentation is duly naïve in the light of Russia’s crimes against Ukraine and it seems rather obvious, that the representatives of the two political parties SVP and CVP (Christian People’s Party) used the opportunity to herewith play against the US and the EU, who meanwhile take more and more a clear stance in the case of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. For such opportunistic politicians it seems to be rather a perfect opportunity to play their game against the US and the EU by hiding behind so called democratic principles.

Following this strange logic of stressing the “dialogue” even with an aggressor like Russia and hereby undermining the sanctions regime, the same Swiss MP’s should rather urgently pack their bags and travel the regions of the IS and seek the dialogue with them.

Russia is seen as a bigger threat than even the murderous IS criminals

(look for example: Russia is top threat to national security, US general says)

Being consequent, the Swiss politicians should maybe:

  • Invite members of IS to Berne and applaud them (as happened with the Russian delegation)
  • According to Swiss tradition send a delegation of Swiss MP’s to the IS ruled cities to further their understanding of world peace
  • Enter into discussions with IS representatives, as their isolation could lead to more aggression (if one follows the same sick argumentation as used with Russia)
  • Rest ist WIederholung von oben…


This incident isn’t consistent with the official Swiss policy towards the Russian aggression as stated by the Foreign Minister and other Swiss officials previously and looks like the group was high jacked by the Russian-friendly lobby (OSCE delegate and member of the Council of State Lombardi is a well-known friend of Russia) hereby jeopardizing the Swiss reputation in the world. How should Switzerland in the future be a candidate for “diplomatic services” on behalf of the US or other western countries, if Switzerland opts to separate itself so prominently from the western position?

Translation into English: Marc Lindt

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Informationen und Adressen zur parlamentarischen OSCE- Delegation der Schweiz:


>>>> Hier Adressliste der Kommissionsmitglieder und Sekretariat der CH Kommmitglieder_osze

DELEGATIONSSEKRETÄRIN Céline Nerny T +41 58 322 92 71
F +41 58 322 96 59
​STV. DELEGATIONSSEKRETÄR ​Cédric Stucky ​​T +41 58 322 97 23
Auskunft Laure Piotet T +41 58 322 96 18
F +41 58 322 96 59
OSCE 24th Annual Session, Helsinki, 2015

OSCE 24th Annual Session, Helsinki, 2015

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