Meet The Russian Fighters Building A Base Between Mariupol And Donetsk | The Interpreter

via Meet The Russian Fighters Building A Base Between Mariupol And Donetsk | The Interpreter.

However, in the last month the international observers from the OSCE — a group which has arguably bent over backward not to assign blame in this conflict — has witnessed a group of soldiers, wearing Russian military insignia, operating inside Ukraine. This is from their report on May 28, just days before the June 3 assault on Marinka

In Petrivske (“DPR”-controlled, 38km south-east of Donetsk) the SMM spoke to a young man who said that the former local holiday camp was currently occupied by an unknown armed group. He could not specify for how long this armed group had been stationed in the village. In the village the SMM spoke to two women, both wearing military uniforms, with caps with Russian Federation Armed Forces insignia. They said that they were from Kramatorsk. During the conversation with the two women a vehicle with Russian Federation number plates stopped next to the OSCE vehicles and two armed men, similarly dressed, exited the car and ordered the women to stop the conversation with the SMM. Behind a tall fence inside the holiday camp, the SMM observed one infantry fighting vehicle.

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