Facts of MH17-killers are not functional to pressure Putins-Russia

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Some time only a coincidence gives an idea about the degree of endless nativity and dysfunction of western politics in the aim, to set limits for ongoing Russian aggression and criminality against Ukraine. Did you ask yourself, why nearly after a whole year we still have nearly nothing on officially information about who has shot down MH17, the Malaysian Airplane last summer where nearly 300 people have died? Flight data recorder and voice recorder are found many months ago and as we heard, they was in well function. A lot of evidence has ben found on the ground like parts of the buk-warhead. There are grate work of internet activist too, there are interviews with local people on the ground, there are photos, films…. But still, till now nearly nothing from the responsible authorities who investigates the case. But now, when new talks in the „Minsk-format“ are going on, the Russian propaganda is serving us new lies about MH17, this never is by chance, this is part of the whole Russian Hybridwarfare-operation – and what can we read from it? Decades of close involvement and analyses of geopolitical games connected to the war against Bosnia teaches me clear one always hidden thing: Information in geopolitics is the most powerful weapon. With a highly explosive information one side can set the other side check matt. Thats the way, how international politics work, this is nothing new. The trough about MH17 killers now is the weapon in the hands of the Minsk-negotiators in their aim, to set limits to the Russian aggression in Ukraine. What is the answer by Russia of this ongoing demonstrated western naivety? Yesterday we learned, 6 Ukraine defenders was killed by Russian weapons and Russian ammunition, conducted by Russian conducted killers. And and the same time Russia plays the propaganda music by a new around the globe spread lies about MH17. And alone this Russian propaganda music is played so effectively – the promises of Europe, in case of Russia would violate Minsk ll, immediately European lethal weapon would be delivered to Ukraine – this European promise-music has disappeared unter the combination of the avalanche of Russian propaganda and the fatal naivety of European politics.

So soon as Europe is trying in the new „Minsk ll-rescue-talks“ to set Russia under pressure with no doubt this information about MH17, the answer of Russia is: 6 Killed Ukrainian soldiers and new counter propaganda.

Do we see, Europe since Russian occupation of Crimea last year has adapted and learned how Putins-Russia works? I don’t see it, and this is maybe much more scary than all Russian aggression itself. We can se very big steps, very high stairs for Europe.

http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/world/five-ukrainian-soldiers-killed-12-wounded-in-past-day-kiev/article/432599 http://www.unian.info/war/1075119-russian-engineers-report-on-mh17-crash-based-on-fake-photos-from-russian-general-staff.html

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About the author Simon Gerber: He was between 1992 and 1995 several times in the sieged city Sarajevo in his function as a leader of a human rights NGO, involved in cultural and media projects and supporting the investigation and documentation of war crimes by Milosevic, Karadzic & Mladic. He is the initiator and a founder of swissukraine.org. https://swissukraine.org/schweiz-ukraine-ngo-verein-mit-sitz-in-der-schweiz/anmeldeformular-mitglied-werden-aktiv-werden-ukraine-unterstutzen/

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