The art of cooperation instead of destructive domination as key for the Ukraine defending-system

The fight against old sowjet-fashioned structures can not be won through measures that are formed in exactly this old well known kind of culture – thats why I recommend Ukraine clear the art of cooperation between balanced power lines instead of the for corruption unimmunized centralized power – I recommend a cooperation between the Ukrainian General Staff and successful volunteer fighter group – 1. cooperation is not the same like subordination from one side to the other – 2. cooperation as a form of organizational structure is a key in Ukraine’s fight against old dysfunctional structures, for Ukraine extremely dangerous and destructive – this is valid for all forms and variations of organizational structures in all field of a society in general and especially in Ukraine. Many of those main cooperation-elements we can recognize in the movement of Euromaidan. So the key is already in Ukraine.
I do not say cooperation between equal partners is an easy thing – lot of organizational knowledge is necessary, lot of work has do be done – for example alone the clearance of roles alone, the processual and cooperative definition of communication-settings as a central part of it, a very serious big work – but at the same time I am sure – the most powerful key for Ukraine in its way.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-04 um 10.27.21

The Autor: Simon Gerber, has a diploma in agriculture and childeren-socialwork, he is MSc. of organization development. Together with a group of other swiss citizens he founded the association „Switzerland-Ukraine“ –

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