„ICRC Will Increase Its Assistance to Ukraine“, fine – but ICRC must do much more!

Yes, good steps, but as a Swiss citizen I have to point to:

ICRC has also the obligation to monitor the implementation of human rights, the geneva convention – ICRC has the obligation to name the persons, the governmental bodies and at least the country (Russia) who are responsible for the big majority of grave violation of all this international law’s in aim to stop this violation. ICRC can lobbing much more for that. I hear and read in this particular issue nearly nothing of ICRC – although ICRC has always a direct success to all governments of the world, to international organizations like UN itself and all its subordinated UN-organzations, and ICRC has a powerful department for media relation and media work, for information. We know, ICRC is one of the best informed international NGO, ICRC knows what is going on in the battlefield in this double-twisted Russian war agains Ukraine, ICRC knows all the ongoing violations of human rights through Russia, for example all the illegally held Ukrainian Citizens in Moscow – we know ICRC can take influence to all governments around the globe. The four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols of 1977 (Protocol I, Protocol II) and 2005 have given the ICRC a mandate to protect victims of international and internal armed conflicts. Such victims include war wounded, prisoners, refugees, civilians, and other non-combatants.


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