In the land of democracy…. about defending your country in a war

In the land of democracy….
In the land of democracy, in Switzerland during the Worl-War ll, the territorial defense (Ortswehr) (a well organized, well prepared defense organization, its members: elderly men in good condition) in every village throughout the whole country, they not only had fortified position on strategic locations, they not only had regular combat training with precise weapons, the also had a secret black list with all Nazi sympathizers. Every person on that list was assigned to a member of the territorial defense. If Nazi-Germany would have overrun the borders to Switzerland, over night discreetly all these listed persons would had become a visit from a polite elderly men and all of them would have been liquidated, in every village troughout Switzerland.
This my 1915 born father told me once, and now I remember when I read about some citizens of baltic states who call Russia to com to protect them.

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