Chronicle of Russian War Crimes in Ukraine – (English)

via Chronicle of Russian War Crimes in Ukraine – (English).

July 17, 2014  – March 6, 2014

INFORMNAPALM is a volunteer initiative to inform both Ukrainian citizens and the foreign public about the crises in Ukraine. We are all volunteers giving our time and efforts for this project. The project team consists of journalists, political scientists, military experts, public figures,  IT specialists, editors, and translators. While the team is mostly Ukrainian we have also welcomed supporters into our ranks from around the world.

The team is committed to fighting for the freedom of Ukraine from the aggression of the Russian Federation in its attempt to break up and dominate Ukraine. Ukraine will choose its own course in history. There are many websites publishing on the situation of Ukraine. We don’t wish to duplicate this work, and we cannot cover everything. Therefore our focus is clearly on the military situation, although we must reflect how the military intertwines with the social, economic and political aspects.

The foreign language platform was first published under the name BurkoNews but now all media is published under the common name of INFORMNAPALM.

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