The knive in Ukraine’s back: Switzerland – 90 MCHF arms deal with the Putin regime – it can’t get any more cynical!

…other MP’s consider the export as legitimate. “The Swiss Federal Council hasn’t bent the law”, says SVP Member of Parliament Maximilian Reimann and reckons that Switzerland should not be “holier than the Pope” in this matter. His Party colleague Hans Fehr: “it is imperative for Switzerland to be able to defend itself as a sovereign State. We hence need a defense industry with export capabilities.”

Source: Faiban Eberhard, Sonntagszeitung “Mitten im Krieg umgeht die Schweiz Russland-Sanktionen” dated Sunday, March 8th, 2015

While the Putin regime forces an aggressive Hybrid war upon Ukraine as a sovereign country, Switzerland delivers for 90 MCHF top notch high-tech camouflage equipment to the law breaking regime of Putin, and Swiss SVP politicians, claiming regularly to be top patriots, justify this with the notion that Switzerland as a sovereign country was depending on such business, to stay defensible…

With this gigantic deal, consisting of unique, modern high-tech camouflage material, Switzerland supports the Superpower Russia in its aggressive war in a very relevant way and hereby weakens much smaller Ukraine, which is trying to defend its sovereignty paying an enormous price in terms of casualties.

Translation: Marc Lindt

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Swiss Minister and former OSCE-president Burkhalter hand in hand with Russian foreign minister

Swiss Minister and former OSCE-president Burkhalter hand in hand with Russian foreign minister

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