Marc R. Wilkins: Blankets instead of weapons. Let me quote:


Marc Raymond Wilkins hat hromadske.tvFoto geteilt.


Blankets instead of weapons. Let me quote:
„The Ukrainian soldiers wanted to stay and would have stayed to defend every inch of Ukraine. However, the West and Europe gave them blankets instead of what they really needed. They needed weapons. So now Ukraine is on the chopping block. Putin takes more and more of Ukraine every day and we watch it from our smart phones, tablets, computer screens and televisions. One city at a time is being taken because the world is apathetic to Ukraine. After all, Ukraine is, „OVER THERE.“ Why would anyone here care about what happens to a democratic country that has formed very close ties with the United States? Why would anyone want to help them? After all, this isn’t happening to us. It’s happening to „THOSE PEOPLE. You know, the ones that are „OVER THERE. (SARCASM).“

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